It Begins…

Today is the first sort-of day of my hiatus. There is still technically one commission I'm supposed to do, but the client isn't responding. So, I'm calling it "sort-of hiatus." It's been an interesting start: Ebony got an eye inflammation, so I had the vet come out. It's just as well—the herd was going to … Continue reading It Begins…

“Scatterbrained Ramblings: Assorted Erotic Short Stories and Poetry” Now on Amazon

And here it is, guys. I said I was going to do it, and I did. I realize I don't really need to post it here since y'all have all had the chance to read these stories before, but for completeness's sake, I'm making the announcement. Here's the link to the first of what will hopefully be many … Continue reading “Scatterbrained Ramblings: Assorted Erotic Short Stories and Poetry” Now on Amazon


Just a quick note to say that I had planned to release a Shane and Colton chapter today, but I've had...distractions...and it's taking longer than expected.  I had thought to just publish it when I came to a stopping point, but to borrow the term from software development, I feel that the stories should be atomic—self-contained and occurring … Continue reading 2017-10-21


Off to my ex's. And this is where I leave you. You should know the rest... Shane and Colton soon. Burgers, beer, and flying wolves. Shane can't catch a break. I'm considering Fifty-cent haikus for all. Would people pay it?