Commission Information

Commission Status: Closed

Last Updated: 2021-03-07

What I Write

I’ll write anything, any length, so long as it’s erotic. I will do anonymous commissions but not private ones—that is, I’m happy to leave your name out of it, but I still reserve the right to share and post every story I write.


I charge $0.02 / word. Additional fees may apply for changes made after we’ve discussed and agreed to the story’s details. These will be laid out if applicable during the commission process.

Commission Process

  1. Take a number and get in line! Kidding. When the commission status above is “Open”, send me a message here or via one of the methods on my Contact page and ask to get in line. I’ll note your interest and get contact details from you. No payment is required to get on the list.
  2. When it’s your turn, I’ll reach out to you via the contact method you provided. Please understand that I work at my own pace, which can vary from churning out multiple commissions a week to taking months off at a time. I will eventually make it to everybody on the list, but since this is a hobby for me, it’s hard to predict how long it will take.
  3. Once it’s your turn, I’ll have you fill out my commission questionnaire (I’ll send a link when the time comes) to act as a starting point for discussing your story as well as taking care of the legal stuff (how billing works, terms of service, etc.). In order to get your story right the first time, it’s critical that you provide me with all the details, plot points, character descriptions, kinks, etc. upfront. If there’s a detail that’s important to you, let me know, even if it seems obvious. It might not be obvious to me. This is the most important step in the process, so please be thorough!
  4. Once you’ve filled out the form we’ll discuss your commission in detail to make sure I understand what you’re looking for. By the time we get through the interview, my understanding of your desired story ought to be at least 90% correct.
    I reserve the right to refuse revision requests after the commission interview, so please be thorough!
  5. Once we’ve gotten consensus on the details of the story, I’ll begin the draft. No payment is due at this time, but if you anticipate that you won’t be able to pay when I’m finished, please let me know so I can decide whether to proceed or bump someone ahead of you to give you time to save up.
  6. When the draft is complete, I will tell you the draft word count and invoice you for 90% of the words. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I’ll send the draft to you for review and for you to request revisions. I usually try to send the story within a minute or two of receipt of payment, but if I’m away from my computer (at work, asleep, in the pasture), it may take me longer.
  7. Please review the draft and let me know what changes you would like made. These should be relatively minor. I reserve the right to refuse or to charge a change fee for changes I view as major, but go ahead and request whatever changes you want made, and we can discuss them. I do not allow clients to edit the stories I write as it complicates the copyright and billing, so please do not mark up my draft. At the end of the review, we’ll have identified which changes will be made and what change fee, if any, will be incurred.
  8. I’ll make the agreed-to revisions as well as my own corrections for spelling, grammar, and style. This may change the word count a little bit from the draft word count, particularly if a scene was expanded. When I’ve finished the final version, I will invoice you for the balance. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I’ll send the final version to you.

Payment & Refunds

I accept PayPal only. You will be asked to provide a PayPal email address as part of the commission questionnaire. I do not issue refunds.


I reserve the right to share my stories with others and post them online, including here on my blog and to FurAffinity and InkBunny when the subject matter complies with their respective rules. Commissioners are permitted to post, share, and sell stories I have done for them; however, nobody is permitted to modify my stories or to claim to have written them. The copyright statement, disclaimers, and original text must remain intact as I wrote them.


In light of a number of questions I’ve received, I figured a brief FAQ would be helpful.

How long should my story be?

It depends on what you’re going for. A very short story that focuses exclusively on the action and ignores the characters’ emotions can generally be conveyed in around 2K words. Stories that build up a little more slowly and capture the characters’ thoughts and emotions as well as the action in a single major scene can generally be done in 5K–10K words. Beyond that, things start to have a lot more variation depending on the number of characters and how much backstory they have, how long of a timeline is being covered and in what depth, and the complexity and general familiarity of the setting / world. For reference, most people commission me to do stories in the 5K–10K-word range, but I’ve had commissions range from 50 words all the way to over 100K words (and still going!). This should provide some general rules of thumb, but feel free to contact me, and I may be able to suggest something for your particular commission.

How long will it take for you to get to my story / how long will my story take?

It’s hard to say. When I started doing this, I had a lot of free time to work on it, so things went really fast, but now that I have less free time, things are a lot slower. In general, I try to get one 5K-word story knocked out per week, assuming nothing else is going on (extra hours at work, extra stuff I have to do with the herd or around the property, etc.). My energy level waxes and wanes, so some weeks, I might get 2-4 5K-word stories done in a week, and other weeks, I might not get any finished. Statistically speaking, the longest a commission has taken me was about 6–8 months (it was long, I had a lot of other things going on at the time, and I wasn’t feeling very inspired), and the shortest was finished the same day the person requested it. So, somewhere between those two extremes is probably a fair guess.

Where can I find samples of your work?

The best source for samples of my writing is right here on my portfolio page. Here you can find almost every commission I’ve ever done as well as short stories I’ve written for fun and links to books I’ve published.

Is it better to give you artistic freedom, or is it better to give you a detailed outline?

It depends. If it’s important to you have things happen in a certain fashion, then an outline documenting that is a good way to convey that. If you’re flexible in terms of what events occur and in what order, then there’s no reason you have to provide an outline.

A few caveats to each:

  • If you make your outline very tight, it constrains my artistic freedom and can turn the commission into a chore. I can and have done these before, but they take longer.
  • While an outline certainly isn’t necessary (most clients don’t provide one), I can’t read minds, so if there are parts of the story that are really important to you, please tell me.

What are your favorite topics to write?

This one has come up surprisingly often. As stated, I can and will write anything, but since a number of people have asked, my favorite topics are (in alphabetical order) bestiality, forced orgasm / cum-milking, humiliating sex and sex-related activities (sex, castration, infantilism / age regression, rape, etc.) used as punishment or as part of a ritual, musk / pheromones, transformation (particularly human or anthro to feral), underage characters, and watersports.

Do you accept requests?

Sort of. I do have something I started in 2019 that I call Jack’s Blacks: Little Black Books Containing Short Erotic Tales for the Discerning Kinkster. These are short stories I publish on Amazon for $0.99. There are a few caveats to these, which can be found on the request form.