Jack’s Blacks Request Form

Want a story on a general theme but don’t want to pay full price? How about requesting a Jack’s Blacks story instead? Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below to give me a feel for the story you want. (It’s free!)
  2. When I get time (Jack’s Blacks are a side gig of a side gig for me, so I kinda have to work them into my schedule), I’ll come up with a story and post it to Amazon.
  3. When Amazon approves the story, I’ll post a link on my Books and Links page to it and also make an announcement on here (make sure to follow me so you’ll get notified when I make the announcement).
  4. Buy the story on Amazon; all Jack’s Blacks stories are $0.99 (US dollars), so it’s way less expensive than commissioning a story.
  5. Enjoy!

There are a few caveats to a Jack’s Blacks story:

  • While you can definitely suggest character species, gender, personality, and physical description, I reserve the right to alter them to make the story work or based on personal preference.
  • Jack’s Blacks are erotic-themed, so suggestions that don’t have an erotic element will, erm, have one added. 🙂
  • Since I make my money by publishing on Amazon, the stories I publish have to conform to their rules (which are difficult at best to identify, I have to admit). In general, things that are “mainstream kinky” (sex involving consenting adult humans, including BDSM and the like) are fine. The more taboo you get, the less likely it is Amazon will accept it (for example, they accepted a story involving bestiality but have rejected a story involving forced bestiality [e.g., as punishment], and I imagine they wouldn’t be too keen on underage characters, either). On the other hand, they did accept a story involving a graphic depiction of castration and a story featuring some tentacle porn, so… go figure. If in doubt, feel free to contact me directly and discuss it before filling out the form.
  • Since Jack’s Blacks are kinda at my own pace and using my own creativity, if there’s a story I’m just not feeling, I reserve the right not to write it. Nothing personal; I just don’t want these to turn into drudgery. Erotica’s supposed to be fun! This hasn’t happened, yet, but if someone does suggest something I don’t really want to do, I’ll post an update on the Books and Links page so that at least you know.
  • Jack’s Blacks submissions are anonymous to let people feel free to suggest any story they want without worrying about getting judged or anything. On the flip side of that, I claim all the rights to Jack’s Blacks stories and don’t credit or pay royalties for them. (I’m only making $0.35 out of the $0.99 fee in the first place, so it’s not like I’m raking in the dough on these to begin with!)
  • Update: if you want to include contact information for me to let you know when your story is published, I’ve added a field for it, but it’s optional, and you don’t have to include it if you don’t want to. If you do include your contact info, please let me know what type of account it is (unless it’s obviously an email address). I’m active on Telegram, Discord, FurAffinity, InkBunny, and email.

I look forward to taking your requests!


Last Updated: 2023-05-22