Books and Links

This page contains links to my books and other sites I’ve set up to try to get the word out about them.


Jack’s Blacks Series

Items marked with an obelisk (†) were requested. If you submit a request, check back here for the status on your request. Once the story is published, click the link to head over to Amazon and get your story!
Starred (*) items have been submitted to Amazon and are pending release. I’ll update with a link as soon as Amazon publishes them!

Completed Books

In Progress

  • Contract Breeder—A woman agrees to participate in an animal breeding program due to a dearth of females in a particular species. After committing, she has second thoughts but is forced to honor her commitment.

Pending Ideas

In no particular order, here is a list of ideas that I haven’t started, yet, but am considering.

  • Use It or Lose It—a guy must ejaculate frequently to prevent his genitals from being severed by a guillotine.
  • Your Fans Demand It—Something, something, has to perform debauched acts to appease demanding fans.
  •—Ripoff of Untraceable, but with sex instead of murder.
  • Cumming in the Air Tonight†—A washed-up superhero moves into town to try to start things anew, and he will have his happily ever after, even if it means going through the town’s resident supervillain—a cartoonishly proportioned, oversized bird with a hair-trigger (proposed keywords: romance, genital mutilation, size difference, bullying, smothering, penis as bludgeon, urgency, frustration).

Rejected Requests

While I’d like to be able to do everybody’s requests, I have to be able to publish the stories on Amazon. All of the requests have been okay so far, but if I have to reject one, I’ll put it here along with an explanation as to why.

Social Media

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