Commissioned Stories

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Hi, all. I have long known that some of my commissions were too extreme for FurAffinity and therefore resorted to posting them on InkBunny instead. It came to my attention that the latter prohibits any kind of human sex, which of course, some of my stories have. I have therefore decided to post them here. For my gentler readers, I am going to try to add sufficient keywords to help you determine which stories you’d be comfortable reading and which ones you wouldn’t. I’m not gonna lie: some of these made me cringe as I was revising them. Reader beware. I have tried to highlight the potentially upsetting tags in bold italic. Note that I don’t consider sex potentially upsetting, so if you do, please double-check the tags.

For reference, the headings are the links. I am grouping these by commissioner since some of my commissioners like to do related stories.

Commissioner: aflame (FurAffinity)

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Tags: 69, doggy style, earth pony, girl on top, kissing, making out, male/female, oral sex, pegasus, vaginal penetration
Synopsis: Having had a pretty negative experience in the past, Glacè’s opinion of males is understandably pretty low. But her girlfriend thinks it’s time the bisexual pegasus gave them another chance and sets her up with Whirlpool, her friend from college, and Glacè has a decision to make: does she give it another try?

Commissioner: AkeTheDovahkiin (FurAffinity)

Ake and Garruk Series

Of Words, Bucks, and Vengeance

Tags: gay, male, adventure, Skyrim, Magic: The Gathering, oral, anal
Synopsis: In his search for shout words, Ake comes across Garruk, and the two form an unlikely alliance when a necromancer kills Garruk’s beloved pet with Ake watching.

Love, Captured

Tags: gay, male, adventure, Skyrim, Magic: The Gathering, oral, anal, rimming, 69
Synopsis: Ake demands an explanation when a group of normally peaceful orcs attacks him and Garruk during their quest to avenge Heimdall’s death, but he might get more than he asked for!

The Forest

Tags: human, male, oral, anal, Dom_sub, begging, bondage, adventure, romance, Skyrim, Magic: The Gathering
Synopsis: Ake and Garruk continue their search for Liliana and come across an injured elk. After Garruk heals it, it leads them deep into the forest, where they discover that all is not well…

Ake’s Backstory

Tags: human, male, adventure, Skyrim, no_sex
Synopsis: Here we learn more about Ake’s backstory.
WARNING: Contains Skyrim spoilers!

Ake and the Orcs

Tags: human, orc, male/male/male, threesome, oral, anal, rimming, teabagging, masturbating
Synopsis: In his search for a blacksmith, Ake gets more than he bargained for: a pair of horny orcs!

Commissioner: Albertgt40


Tags: male, wolf, horse, scat, inflation, bondage, bestiality, snuff, diaper
Synopsis: Down on his luck and desperate for a job, Ryan answers an ad for farm labor and quickly realizes the job isn’t at all the way it was described.

Commissioner: alluringming (FurAffinity)

Ayeka and the Steward

Tags: age difference, crossdressing, dragoness, femboy, lactation, male/female, zebra
Synopsis: Ayeka, an older female dragon, finds herself in the arms of a young femboy zebra steward aboard a luxury airship. And when her breasts get too full, the sweet zebra helps drain them for her.
This story is part of the Ayeka series.

Ayeka and the Demon

Tags: cum-plug, cunnilingus, demon-horse, dragoness, lactation, male/female, multiple orgasms, pig/swine, rape, vaginal penetration
Synopsis: When she’s told to do “whatever it takes” to enlist the help of a powerful being, Ayeka sets out into the burning deserts near her homeland to find him. Along the way, she has some fun with an old friend.
This story is part of the Ayeka series.

Commissioner: bigchris369 (FurAffinity)

Tantric Tentacles Series

Chapter 1

Tags: male/herm, hyena, conjoined_twins, tentacle_monster, inverted_nipples, cervix_penetration, nipple_penetration, anal_penetration, oral_penetration, underage/cub
Synopsis: Simone and Samantha, conjoined herm hyena twins, have finally shed their first blood and made their first cream. Now it’s time for them to fulfill their destiny with the tentacle monster their mother agreed to help find a tantric sex partner for over a decade ago.

Chapter 2

Tags: male/herm, hyena, dragon, herm/herm, conjoined_twins, tentacle_monster, inverted_nipples, cervix_penetration, breast_inflation, anal_penetration, oral_penetration, underage/cub
Synopsis: The twins are back when a stranger from another world drops in unexpectedly. Why is he here? Can the twins send him back where he came from? But most importantly, can they all have some fun first?

Chapter 3

Tags: herm/herm, hyena, dragon, conjoined_twins, tentacle_monster, dismemberment, cervix_penetration, body_inflation, anal_penetration, oral_penetration, oviposition, underage/cub
Synopsis: In the month since they met Xan, the twins have been preparing his body for something, and he’s about to find out what!

Evie and Lilia

Two Pasts, One Future

Tags: female, hybrid, hard_vore, vaginal_vore, unbirth, rebirth, lots_of_cum, underage, nipple_insertion, navel_insertion, vaginal, oral
Synopsis: Lilia thought she was finally going to be adopted by a kind couple. Evie grew up in a test lab. When their paths cross, maybe they’ll both finally get the chance to have a loving family.

The Checkup

Tags: male, female, herm, fox_hybrid, liger, bestiality, cum_inflation, large_insertion, nipple_insertion, oral_vore, science_experiments, unbirthing, underage, urethral_fisting, vaginal_vore
Synopsis: As a sequel to Two Pasts, One Future, Evie and Lilia go back to the research lab where Evie grew up for her periodic checkup. It will be Lilia’s first time experiencing some of the tests that have become all too familiar to Evie as the researchers push the boundaries of silence—and Lilia’s young body—to the limits.

Unrelated Stories

Sexual Security

Tags: male/female, rat/lioness, deep_throat, inverted_nipples, cum_inflation, cervix_penetration, nipple_penetration, bondage
Synopsis: Maliki begins hiring for a security guard following a breach. But when Duchess applies, he sees more in her than just the role of a security guard and offers her a different position entirely.

Commissioner: bklotvb (FA)

Unrelated Stories

Out, But Not Hiking

Tags: male, female, herm, sergal, hyena, cat, horse, possum, ferret, antelope, rape, torture, strap_on, cunnilingus, fellatio, gangbang, cutting, dislocation
Synopsis: Lucy and her friends get drunk, bored, and horny, and decide to take it out on some furs at the local jogging trail.

Commissioner: Burmecianblue (InkBunny)

Unrelated Stories

Kari’s Digimon Adventure

Tags: male/female, human, digimon, gangbang, foot_fetish, toe_jam, underage, watersports, scat, rape, slavery
Synopsis: Kari expected to spend the summer tending her brother and friends’ kinky whims. She didn’t expect centuries of filth…

A Farm, a Frat, and a Closet

Tags: m/f, Pokémon, size_difference, gang_bang, feet_licking, rough_sex, extreme_penetration, vaginal, underage, nonconsensualrape, scat, scat_eating, watersports, piss_drinking
Synopsis:After Becky and Leo leave after the events of this story (not mine), Vicky is left to deal with Lupin’s diarrhea. But, her troubles are only just beginning…

Commissioner: ChaoticQueen (InkBunny)

Mia’s Revenge (Main Series)

Family Reunion (Prequel)

Tags: herm, female, dragoness, wolfess, incest, scat, piss, menses, vomit, anal, vaginal, rape, torture
Synopsis: In this prequel to the Mia’s Revenge series, it’s time for Jill’s family reunion just 10 months into her marriage to Mia. What new horrors await the poor wolfess when she’s stuck in the house with her disgusting wife’s family?

Chapter 1

Tags: no_sex, domestic chores, wolf, dragon, unhappy marriage
Synopsis: Mia cleans house and makes dinner in preparation for her hermaphroditic wife Jill’s return home.

Chapter 2

Tags: rape, barbed_cock, snot, beating, verbal_abuse, blood
Synopsis: Jill comes home, accuses Mia of getting hair in her food, and proceeds to punish her most savagely.

Chapter 3

Tags: herm, workout, bad_hygiene, public_nudity, no_sex
Synopsis: Jill works out in the gym, to the dismay or delight of the furs around her.

Chapter 4

Tags: rape, barbed_cock, watersports, scat
Synopsis: Mia reflects on the state of her life as she tries to wash Jill’s filth off her. Jill comes home and rapes her repeatedly before using her as a toilet.

Chapter 5

Tags: hard_vore, raped_to_death, cock_biting, violence, suicidal_thoughts, growth
Synopsis: Jill reveals something that is the last straw for Mia. The wolfess prepares to end it all, but something stays her hand at the last minute. It’s a good thing, too…

Chapter 6

Tags: gore, raped_to_death, growth, suffocation, ball_busting, watersports, female_to_herm
Synopsis: Mia and Jill fight as Mia continues to grow. Things don’t look so good for Jill.

Chapter 7

Tags: growth, masturbation, cannibalism, watersports, cum, violence, rampaging, macro
Synopsis: Mia gets a lot bigger and begins destroying towns as she heads off to teach her parents a lesson.

Chapter 8

Tags: growth, masturbation, watersports, cum, violence, rampaging, macro
Synopsis: When the army shows up to deal with Mia, she might be in for more than she bargained for!

Chapter 9

Tags: growth, scat, violence, rampaging, macro, hard_vore
Synopsis: Mia finally confronts her parents, but when they aren’t impressed by her size, she has to resort to drastic measures to get their attention.

Chapter 10

Tags: growth, watersports, violence, masturbation, rampaging, macro, end_of_the_world
Synopsis: In this final chapter, Mia resolves to take the rest of the world down with her as her health deteriorates. But at the end of the day, is it the end or just the beginning?

Mia’s Revenge (Alternate Endings)

Clean Ending

Tags: extreme violence, snuff, blood, gore
Synopsis: What if Mia never started growing? How would things be different if she took things into her own paws at her normal size? This story replaces chapter 5 and takes Mia in a completely different direction. Warning: don’t let the title fool you.

Jill’s Malice

Tags: herm, dragon, rabbit, watersports, scat, rape, torture, snuff
Synopsis: Chapter 5 mentioned that Jill had committed a heinous crime, the last straw for Mia. Here are the gory details…

Karma Ending

Tags: herm, dragon, snuff, bleeding_out
Synopsis: What if Jill actually killed Mia before she got huge? Let’s find out…

According to Plan

Tags: herm, male, female, dragon, wolf, necrophilia, snuff, rape, scat
Synopsis: What if Mia actually went through with her original plan? What then?

Unrelated Stories

15 Dicks in a Dead Bitch’s Cunt

Commissioner: ChaoticQueen (InkBunny)
Tags: bobcat, cow, coyote, deer, disease, fox, gang-rape, hard vore, herm/female, hirsute, horse, lynx, male/female, moose, pubic hair, raccoon, rape, rat, scat, shiba-inu (a kind of dog), skunk, snot, snuff, tiger, vomit, watersports, weasel, wolf, watersports
Synopsis: It’s been a long week, and all Charlotte wants to do is get home to her husband and three loving pups, but when her car breaks down in the forest, will she ever see them again?

Family Affairs

Tags: incest, underage/cub, brother/sister, lion, first_time, oral, vaginal_penetration, anal_penetration
Synopsis: 15-year-old twins Alex and Chelsea are mortified when their 5-year old sister Lizzie walks in on them in a compromising position, and when she starts asking questions, they have to decide what to tell her!

True Love’s Price

Tags: female/female, bear, reindeer, vampire, ritual, death
Synopsis: What price would you pay to be with the one you love?

Commissioner: A friend of ChaoticQueen (InkBunny)

One commissioner I have likes to be referred to only as “a friend of ChaoticQueen”, so that’s how I’ve attributed this person’s stories.

The Contest Series

Tags: wolf, fox, crocodile, jaguar, orangutan, tiger, male, female, no_sex, violence, nudity
Synopsis: Six long-time friends and teammates compete in a nude tournament against other teams to be declared the World Champions and receive 50,000 gold each. But the tournament is brutal: anything goes except deliberately killing your opponent, so broken bones might just be the least of their worries! The games are short and fast, and all six will have to pull their weight to make it to the top!


Synopsis: The teammates are getting ready for their first fight. Echo watches the other teams to determine strategy.

Round 1

Synopsis: The team fights in round 1 and then has to deal with the aftermath.

Round 2

Synopsis: Several teammates are incapacitated, and it’s up to the rest of the team to make it to the next round.

Round 3

Synopsis: The team is back for another round. Can they keep their tempers in check, or will they be disqualified?


Synopsis: The team has advanced to the final round, but first, a bit of rest and rejuvenation!

Final Round

Synopsis: In the hardest-fought round the tournament, our heroes find themselves pitted against a challenger that won’t let them win without some heavy losses.


Synopsis: It’s been three months since the tournament, and now the team is taking some much-needed rest and relaxation in their mansion.

Unrelated Stories

A Knight’s Tail

Tags: m/f, human, no_sex, werewolf, tf
Synopsis: A knight returns home to his loving wife, and the two settle in, glad to be in each other’s company again. But an old curse threatens to mar their tranquil evening.

Frank and Hestia

Tags: no_sex, backstory, wolf
Synopsis: In this story, Frank and Hestia reminisce about their respective childhoods and how those events led up to their first date. This side-story to the graphic novel  Interrupted Vacation told here and here takes place immediately before page 37.


Tags: female, horse, no_sex, clumsy, accident_prone
Synopsis: Poor Ellie can’t catch a break. From the moment she wakes up, the muscle-bound Clydesdale’s day is fraught with accidents. Hopefully something redeeming will happen to her today!

Commissioner: CoreyPeters163 (InkBunny)

Unrelated Stories

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Generation

Tags: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, underage, oral, anal, watersports, scat, impregnation & birth
Synopsis: Donatello arranges a date for his and April’s 1-year anniversary on Valentine’s Day. April is pleasantly surprised and offers to have sex with Donatello, much to his delight.

Commissioner: Darius Barrithorne

Unrelated Stories

Two Girls, One Dragon

Tags: male, female, dragon, shark, lynx, oral, vaginal, testing, cum, cock_worship
Synopsis: Darius has a good time with a shark and a lynx at his first-ever non-upper-class party.

Commissioner: Dradmon (FA)

Unrelated Stories

The New Companion

Tags: male/female, elk, tokkani, musk, anthro_on_feral, in_heat, oral, analingus, vaginal, squirting
Synopsis: What would you do if your feral companion was begging you for release?

Commissioner: FeatheredTrash (FurAffinity)

Happy Anniversary

Tags: male, female, bird, Martian (aquatic), chloroform, somnophilia
Synopsis: It’s Corvus and H’ome’s anniversary, and Corvus wants to make it extra special for his wife.

Commissioner: FireDrago (FA)


Tags: male/female, dragon, breeding, cum_inflation, hyper, harem, ass_worship, eggs, pheromones, dominant
Synopsis: Volt’s breeder instincts are awakened by the overpowering scent of pheromones in a town full of fertile dragonesses.

A Second Visit

Tags: male/female, dragon, hyper, small_male_large_female, group_sex, anal, vaginal, cum_inflation, cum_all_the_way_through, breeding, excessive_cum
Synopsis: Returning to the village that sidetracked him before, Volt Stream is delighted by a party thrown in his honor and delighted to meet the first of his many progeny. But his delight is short-lived as a challenger arrives and demands that Volt cede his claim to the village!

Commissioner: Lightweaver (FurAffinity)

Unrelated Stories

 A Gentleman’s Dilemma

Tags: female, male, fox, zebra, urolagnia, pissomorashipanty_wetting, vaginal
Synopsis: When a cute zebra comes to stay with Mika and her family, she’ll go to any lengths to get him to sleep with her, even if it means losing her dignity in public!

Commissioner: Mysto (FurAffinity)

Unrelated Stories

In the Name of the Slave, the Son, and the Alien Experiment

Tags: abdominal bulge, alien, bdsm, chastity cage, cum inflation, deepthroating, dragon, egg-laying, enema, fingering, fisting, flogging, foot-licking, horse, hyper cock, hypnosis, incest, lactation, male, male/male, muscles, musk, octopus, oviposition, prostate-milking, rough sex, size difference, slavery, stomping, tens, tentacles, torture, underage, watersports
Synopsis: Apophis, a dragon, answers his soon-to-be master’s hypnotic call and finds himself whisked into a world of slavery, incest, hypnosis, and alien experimentation.

Preying on Predators

Tags: cock_and_ball_torture, prostate_milking, rape, forced_workout, musk, muscle_worship, horse, forced_orgasm, incest, broken_orgasm, dragon, power_bottom, fisting, humiliation, revenge, cock_growth, torture, watersports, slavery, castration, gangbang, dehorning, gas_mask
Synopsis: This was my longest-ever commission! In it, Jack finds himself falsely accused of raping his wife and is sent to Dr. Mysto for psychiatric therapy. But Dr. Mysto has other plans for him…


So, I tried using Patreon for a short period (two months) to see how I liked it. In short, it wasn’t a very good situation for me, but I did manage to produce a couple of stories. Here they are.

Unrelated Stories

A Typical Night

Tags: cartoons
Synopsis: My January 2019 Patreon reward, and the one that made me decide this probably wasn’t the best idea. This could have turned out a lot better, but I was just too worn out to give it its due. Still, for the sake of completeness, here it is. Cartoon characters come to life when their creator heads home for the night. Antics ensue.

New Beginnings

Tags: vanilla, m/f, fox, wolf
Synopsis: My December 2018 Patreon reward. After Trevor finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him the day before they’re supposed to set sail on a cruise, he gives her ticket to his best friend instead, who encourages him to find a girl on the cruise to help him forget about his ex.

Commissioner: Seifer (InkBunny)

Baby Dora Series

The Miracle of Motherhood

Tags: sissification, age_regression, diapers, rape, egg_laying, lactation, teen, bull
Synopsis: Put on hormones and treated as a baby girl from a young age, Dora has mostly settled into her role. But when she begins touching herself at age 16, her mother is at her wit’s end and seeks professional help.

College Prep

Commissioner: Seifer (InkBunny)
Tags: sissification, infantilism, humiliation, anal_abuse, oral_abuse, rape, electroshock_therapy, prostate_popping, male, bull
Synopsis: Dora’s been given a bit of leeway since her ordeal two years ago, and she’s gotten a bit too big for her britches. Determined to get her ready for college, her mother takes her back to the clinic.

Unrelated Stories

Aunt Jenny

Commissioner: Seifer (InkBunny)
Tags: male, horse, age_regression, diapers, anal_training, humiliation, wetting, messing
Synopsis: College classes are finally out for the summer, and Aemus is finally ready to take it easy, hang out with his friends, and enjoy the summer. But Aunt Jenny has other plans for him. He’s been neglecting his diaper, and she’s determined to help him see how important it is.

Commissioner: SexyDragon201 (InkBunny)

Unrelated Stories

Death by Snu Snu

Tags: badger, bear, bestiality, bobcat, coyote, dismemberment, dragon, ferret, fisting, gangbang, gore, hard_vore, male/female, necrophilia, nostril penetration, prolapse, rape, snuff, spitroast, suffocation, throat_fucking, urethral penetration, watersports
Synopsis: Better watch your back when you come stumbling out of a bar and get your keys taken away by a redneck bear telling you not to drive. It doesn’t take long for being drunk to be the least of Xandria’s problems, especially when a bunch of furs are ready to have a good time, no matter the cost to her.

The Terror of Portal-Portal

Tags: herm/male, shark_fox_hybrid, orca, zebra, mouse, dragon, castration, penectomy, hard_vore, decapitation, necrophilia, gore, stds, snuff
Synopsis: Nevada has hacked into a popular remote glory hole app and has nasty plans for her unsuspecting victims.

Commissioner: Shrapnel (FurAffinity)

Unrelated Stories

Celestial Shrapnel

Tags: hyper, male, saberwolf
Synopsis: When the medical experiment Shrapnel has undergone goes horribly awry, his cock begins to grow without bounds.

Sex on a Beach

Commissioner: Shrapnel (FurAffinity)
Tags: male/female, saberwolf, serval, hyper, pregnancy, growth, size_difference, rape, multi_genitals, musk
Synopsis: Liz sure looks great in her string bikini. But will it survive the onslaught when Shrapnel mods her body and uses her without her permission?

Commissioner: Zane Merceli

Unrelated Stories

The Threesome

Tags: shark, lynx, m/m/f, brother/sister, incest, threesome, oral, anal, vaginal
Synopsis: Devon and Zoey are both excited about their dates tonight. Little do they know that Axel has a surprise for them!

Commissioner: Zenkopan (FurAffinity & InkBunny)

Unrelated Stories

Just the Two of Us

Tags: male/female, fox, star fox, sexual_tension, oral, vaginal, omorashi, musk
Synopsis: Left to tend the Great Fox on their own, Fox and Krystal are called to destroy Oikonny’s new megaweapon. But when their Arwings get blown up in the process, the two are trapped on a transport ship for far too long just as Krystal is going into heat. Will they maintain their professionalism, or will they succumb to their instinctive urges?

Commissioner: Anonymous

Most of my commissioners want their stories left anonymous, so this section contains stories commissioned by many different people. I have grouped related stories where possible.

All in the Family Series

Chapter 1

Tags: exposition, no_sex, male, female
Synopsis: You and your wife, Linda, go to visit your mom, stepdad, and stepbrother for vacation.

Chapter 2

Tags: male, female, cheating, male/female, oral, vaginal
Synopsis: You couldn’t help yourself and succumbed to your husband’s step-brother’s charms. What will your husband think? What will the rest of his family think?

Chapter 3

Tags: male, female, strip_poker, strip_tease
Synopsis: When your dad suggests a game of poker after dinner, your incorrigible step-brother raises the stakes: strip-poker! How will everybody do?

Chapter 4

Tags: male, female, oral, incest, truth_or_dare, masturbation, voyeurism
Synopsis: Everybody had fun with the strip poker, and one thing led to another. Now you’re all in the hot tub, beginning a game of truth or dare. Do you choose truth and have to admit really embarrassing secrets, or do you take a dare?

Chapter 5

Tags: male/male, male/female, female/female, oral, vaginal, incest, truth_or_dare, masturbation, voyeurism
Synopsis: The truth or dare game was just getting started in the last chapter. Now see its passionate conclusion!

Anna Series

Anna’s Penance

Tags: herm/female, wolf, incest, sisters, underage, rape, impregnation, knotting, watersports, virgin
Synopsis: Anna loves her big sister, Vera, a lot, but when she interrupts Vera and her girlfriend trying to have sex one too many times, Vera decides it’s time for her to pay the price.

Anna’s Responsibility

Tags: herm/female, wolf, incest, sisters, pregnancy, birth
Synopsis: A sequel to Anna’s Penance, Vera is determined to make sure Anna learns her lesson, breeding her repeatedly until she conceives. Little does Anna know, that was the easy part…

Unrelated Anna Stories

The Consequences of Choice

Tags: h/f, hyena, wolf, rough_sex, underage, impregnation, loss_of_virginity, mind_break, cum_inflation, cum_cleanup, sisters, rape
Synopsis: When Vera double-crosses the wrong crime boss, her sister will have to suffer the consequences of her choices.

Aohren and Lanna Series

Cock Magic

Tags: herm, male, shade_dragon, wolf, mind_control, forced_oral, forced_vaginal, cock_vore, anal, cum
Synopsis: Lanna needs to feed, and she quickly finds a suitable victim. She doesn’t count on being watched. Looks like she might have more fun than she expected!

Lanna’s Pet

Tags: herm, male, shade_dragon, oral/anal, hyper_cock, cock_vore, cum_inflation, bondage, excessive_cum, cum_all_the_way_through, tentacles
Synopsis: In this sequel to “Cock Magic,” Lanna takes a reluctant Aohren home as her new sex pet. But when a band of amateur witch-hunters attacks her home, she pulls out all the stops, and Aohren learns that it’s definitely better to be on Lanna’s fur-eating cock’s good side!

The Procedure

Tags: herm, male, shade_dragon, oral/anal, hyper, cock_vore, cum_inflation, gaping, excessive_cum, cum_all_the_way_through, tentacles, partial_cock_vore
Synopsis: In this sequel to “Lanna’s Pet,” Ao gets used to the idea of being Lanna’s pet and soon can’t get enough of her massive cock. After he begs her to get even bigger for him, she relents, but at what cost?

Better than Fantasy

Tags: male/herm, shade_dragon, bernese_mountain_dog, canine, oral, gagging, throat_knotting, rough_sex, anal, multiple_orgasms, cum_inflation
Synopsis: When Aohren gets caught looking at porn on his company computer, his boss demands more than an apology to make up for it.

The OP Dick

Tags: male/herm, wolf, hybrid, french_kissing, cock_vore, collar_and_lead, hyper_cock, masturbation, asphyxiation, anal
Synopsis: Aaron is excited to meet his online gaming friend for the first time, and when Sonia ups the ante in a “winner hosts, loser has to do what winner says”, two-out-of-three game match, she ensures it will be a very interesting first meeting!

The App Series

The App

Tags: herm/herm, hybrid, rape, size_difference, hyper_cock, multiple_orgasms, cum_inflation, anal, oral, vaginal, all_the_way_through, choking
Synopsis: Bored at work and feeling like something’s missing in hir love-life, Kat tries a new app at the suggestion of one of hir coworkers. Hir first trick is, in a word, big.

After the App

Tags: herm/herm, wolf_tiger_hybrid, wolf_caracal_hybrid, hyper, cum_inflation, cum_all_the_way_through, cock_all_the_way_through, rough_sex, bondage, oral, anal, vaginal, cock_vore
Synopsis: Jamie’s hit a bit of a dry spell when shi gets a notification on FurFuXXX. It’s Kat, and shi’s been practicing! Should Jamie stick to hir guns and avoiding double-dipping, or should shi give this eager hybrid another shot?

Betty and Lily Series

Joined at the Hip

Tags: female, fox, conjoining, farting, scat, sisters
Synopsis: When two sisters get fused in a post-apocalyptic bathing accident, they must figure out a way to keep things light-hearted and carry on.

Joined at the Crotch

Tags: female, fox, conjoined, incest, scat, masturbation, first_time, sisters, underage
Synopsis: It’s been four years since Betty and Lily got joined at the hip, and now that Lily is getting older, she’s beginning to ask questions about their body. It might be time for “the talk” and a demonstration…

Cat-Girl Next Door Series

The Cat-Girl Next Door

Tags: underage, male/female, anal, oral, cat-girl, fisting
Synopsis: 13-year-old cat-girl Mesia comes into her first heat and is determined that her 28-year-old human neighbor, Josh, is going to help her with it.
This story is the prequel to The Cat-Girl’s Mother.

The Cat-Girl’s Mother

Tags: underage, female/female, incest, strap-on, fisting, anal, oral, cat-girl
Synopsis: After her fun-filled day with Josh, Mesia gets ready for bed and hears her mother moaning out Josh’s name. Curious, she catches her mother masturbating and decides to help.
This story follows The Cat-Girl Next Door.

Genital Mutilation Stories

This particular client really has a thing for genital mutilation. If this is something that interests you, here’s a whole collection of stories!

Mage Attacks Series

This is a series commissioned by the same genital mutilation commissioner as the other stories. The stories are presented in order.

Attacked in the Night

Tags: male, gryphon, no_sex, body_mutilation, gore
Synopsis: A gryphon flies silently through the night, created with one purpose: murder Ord and Ary, master and apprentice mages. Will he succeed?

Attacked at the Library

Tags: male, qäßbøn, no_sex, body_mutilation, gore
Synopsis: Several years after the last incident, Ary is researching a spell in the library when one of the sculptures, a qäßbøn, begins stalking her. By the time she convinces Ord that there is really a problem, they’ve both got to fight for their lives!

The Attacks End

Tags: male, dragon, no_sex, genital_mutilation, gore
Synopsis: Nance has had it with Ord and Ary killing his creations, and now it’s time for him to finish them off himself!

Alena Series

This is another series commissioned by the same genital mutilation commissioner are the other stories. The stories in this series are presented in order.

A Dragon’s Impediment

Tags: male/female, dragon, human, bestiality, genital_mutilation
Synopsis: Icarius and Alena are an unlikely pair of bandits: he a dour, middle-aged dragon, and she a vivacious, optimistic berserker. But, their misdeeds are about to catch up to them…

A Girl’s Predicament

Tags: male/female, dragon, bestiality, dubious_consent, rough_sex, genital_mutilation, death
Synopsis: In this sequel to A Dragon’s Impediment, Alena struggles to fit into human society and is elated when a new dragon arrives on the scene. But, is he really as great as he seems?

Hindsight’s Assessment

Tags: male/female, dragon, human, bestiality, urethral_scraping, decrepit_flesh, violence, attempted_rape, character_development
Synopsis: Fleeing the castle after the events of A Girl’s Predicament, Alena wanders, naked, into the snow and passes out. She awakens to find some of her old loves, but it might not be the happy reunion she’d hoped for.

Unrelated Genital Mutilation Stories

A Knight in the Sewer

Tags: male, genital_mutilation, rat_man, medieval, second_person
Synopsis: Something has been preying upon the faithful. At first it only ate its victims, but now it rapes them and leaves their mangled corpses to wash up on the riverbank. The church has had enough and sends a knight in training to dispatch it.

At Least He’s Pretty

Tags: male, human, dragon, fairy, genital_mutilation, cock_growth
Synopsis: Who knows why you help this poor, moronic knight? But help him you do as he ventures into the dragon’s lair, distracted by his own hair.

Beast Nullification

Tags: male, genital_mutilation, martial_arts, eastern_dragon, second_person
Synopsis: For too long, the creature known as Jiqing Shengyu as terrorized your people. You have taken it upon yourself to confront and kill him to show it can be done and to bring fortunate back to your people. But destroying the god of fertility and fortune is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll have to use all of the martial arts you know to take him down piece by piece!

Castigator vs. Penitent

Tags: male, genital_mutilation, fighting, MMA, bioweapon
Synopsis: When you’re convicted of a crime, you get one last chance to prove your innocence: an MMA-style fight to the death against one of Biotrol’s genetically engineered bioweapons. Join in the fun as the latest penitent takes on their latest model, the Castigator.

The Ceremony

Tags: sea_creature, male, vivisection, hard_vore, gore, ritual
Synopsis: You’ve finally come of age, and the time has come for you and your friends to perform “the ceremony.” You have no idea what’s in store, but the whole town is looking forward to your participation…

The Dangers of GMOs

Tags: male, cockatrice, genital_mutilation, strong_violence, poultry_factory
Synopsis: Those idiot scientists have done it again and have gone and accidentally created a cockatrice! Unfortunately, the poor guy’s dick is bigger than his brain, and chaos ensues.

Ending the Wyvern Pestilence

Tags: wyvern, male, genital_mutilation, violence
Synopsis: The wyvern pestilence has ravaged your people for too long, and you must do whatever it takes to put one of their sires out of commission to give your people time to recover before he can make the pestilence worse!

The Oceanlord

Tags: male, sea_monster, humanoid, genital_mutilation, strong_violence
Synopsis: All you want to do is find the legendary sunken treasure when you’re accosted by a creature claiming to be the Oceanlord who insists that he’s going to kill you…


Tags: male, kaiju, genital_mutilation, macro_rampage, bioweapon, gore, violence
Synopsis: The creature has come to destroy your city every six years for hundreds of years. Impervious to arrow, cannon, tank, and missile, his destruction of your city is guaranteed. But the greatest minds have come together to fight this evil force. Will their plan work, or will hundreds of people lose their lives again?


Tags: male, female, raptor, genital_mutilation, gore, violence
Synopsis: Reaver comes to after what was supposed to be a hunt like any other and discovers that his mate has been raped and killed, his elites murdered, and his adopted son and daughter and the rest of his pack are missing. He vows vengeance, but he won’t like it when he discovers who’s responsible.

The Tsignassian

Tags: space_dragon, male, genital_mutilation, cum_milking, sci-fi, bodily_harm
Synopsis: Extracting any kind of natural resource can be a perilous activity—just ask oil workers and coal miners—but it’s particularly dangerous when you’re mining dragon semen and your equipment suddenly goes into overdrive!

Wine and Time

Tags: male, eastern_dragon, genital_mutilation, gore, nullification
Synopsis: As a celebrated winemaker, you have access to places most people can’t go. Now you question whether you’re doing the right thing when you ply your trade to allow a dragon-king to be relieved of his malehood.

Your Companion

Tags: male, dragon, human, genital_mutilation, gore, nullification
Synopsis: You meet a strange companion, and your bardic sense tells you he is the key to your prosperous career. But after years of following him, he seems to be going mad and ranting about the cruel king—a mystical creature who uses his unique elemental powers to rule the land with an iron fist. Nobody can defeat the king. Your companion is clearly mad. Are you mad for following him, right into the king’s throne room?

Wolf Transformation Series

Unleash the Beast

Tags: bullying, bestiality, rape, male/male, underage, transformation, wolf, knotting
Synopsis: Hunter Wolfe (no relation to Wolf-Man; my commissioner just really likes that name for the protagonist) is a nerd and constantly bullied by a couple of jocks, who regularly beat him up and rape him. A strange new kid comes into town who is said to be able to grant wishes—but they come with a cost. Is Hunter willing to pay the price to exact vengeance on those who pick on him?
This story ties into Wolf-Man.


Tags: knotting, male/male, rape, spitroast, spitroasting, transformation, underage, watersports, wolf, sports gear
Synopsis: Star quarterback Hunter Wolfe and his friends get drunk after a football victory and defile a Native American relic. When a medicine man appears and demands that they apologize, they refuse. Now Hunter must pay the price.
This story ties into Unleash the Beast.

Unrelated Stories

After Practice

Tags: human, male, jockstrap, smegma, cum, masturbation, humiliation, teasing, no_sex
Synopsis: It’s Cody’s birthday today, and after wrestling practice, his team decides to celebrate in an unusual way: by letting him indulge in his jock-sniffing fantasies!

Anything Goes

Tags: female, herm, sabertoothed_lynx, orca, cum_inflation, size_difference, rapescat, soiling, cum_vomiting, belly_punching, fighting
Synopsis: Lynette needs to learn to watch her mouth! At an underground fighting ring, she really pisses off her opponent, and when anything goes in the ring, she’s about to get her comeuppance!

The Big One

Tags: male, horse, balloon, inflatable, masturbation, solo
Synopsis: Sable’s been waiting for a long time to finally get to play with “the big one”, an inflatable sea dragon he’s been eyeing for a long time. Now that he’s got a day off, he can’t wait any longer!

The Born-Again Virgin

Tags: husky, bull, male/female, sexuality_regression, premature_ejaculation, delayed_orgasm, limp_dick, succubus, confrontation, gender_role_reversal, broken_orgasm
Synopsis: You’re a male, proud of your sexual prowess and on the prowl for your next conquest. But what if someone else is looking to make you her conquest?


Tags: female, male, elk, pig, feminism, hard_vore, kitchen_violence
Synopsis: When several boys disappear from the local school, Inspector Morris goes to investigate.

A Crappy Side-Bet

Tags: male/female, panther, bear, ryona, hyper_scat, multiple_orgasms, forced_climax
Synopsis: After a long, unbroken string of wins, Ophelia started taking side-bets on her fights. But now, faced with an opponent she can’t beat, she’s about to lose more than just the match and her side-bet!

Earthquake vs. The Goon

Tags: male/male, tiger, horse, nullification, professional_wrestling, musk, homophobia
Synopsis: The Goon’s homophobic comments strike a nerve for Earthquake, but when The Goon tells him to put his dick where his mouth is, will Earthquake regret making a wager where his malehood is on the line?

A Fair Chance

Tags: male/female, deer, horse, small_penis, occult, big_dick_worship, premature_ejaculation
Synopsis: Poor Luke is a great guy—nice, good-looking, smart, and funny, but his girlfriends keep dumping him. He leaps at the opportunity to improve his package, no matter what the terms and conditions.

The Failed Escape

Tags: m/f, f/f, bat, wolf, bondage, torture, rape, public_humiliation, size_difference
Synopsis: Caught trying to escape their lupine captors, Evergreen and her daughter Mercy discover untapped cruelty and humiliation as the bats are punished for trying to escape.

Garden of the Gods: Chapter 1

Tags: young, violence, no_sex, macro, death, male, female, human, Sangheili
Synopsis: Mankind was driven underground by an invasion of Sangheili giants 500 years ago. When their crops fail, they send a group of orphan boys up to the surface to gather food. Will they bring back food, or will they perish in the attempt?

The Harder They Fall

Tags: male/female, horse, mouse, rabbit, fox, premature_ejaculation, humiliation, vaginal, oral, big_dick_worship, mind_break, physical_addiction, witchcraft
Synopsis: Zac’s cock feels so good that the ladies can’t stand to be without it. But Zac’s attitude is really lousy, and he’d better be careful whom he pisses off!

Kim’s Legacy

Tags: herm, futa, male, female, nullification, castration, big_muscles, underage, incest, cum, smegma, musk, scat, cum_milking, embryo_fertilization, self_fertilization, abortion
Synopsis: Kim’s husband is terribly unsatisfying with his insipid, 2″ cock and runny cum, so she turns to her 4-year-old brother for help. When he gives her a beautiful baby futa, Kim begins grooming her to become the best bull stud ever.

The Morning After

Tags: male, female, elk, monster, dirty_rimming, anal, musk, feral_in_heat, fingering, squirting
Synopsis: After a fun-filled night with his monster, a certain elk awakens to find her ready for more.

An Ounce of Spirit

Tags: female, male, Starfox, fox, SharpClaw, rimming, anal, scat, size_diference, cum_inflation, rape
Synopsis: Krystal and General Scales face off once more, and this time, he’s going to make sure she doesn’t interfere with him again!

Perfection’s Thrust

Tags: female/male, Xaela, centaur, vaginal, heat, musk, cum_inflation, impregnation
Synopsis: Sayinaral Goro is shocked as she stumbles into the centaur home-world and finds two of them mid-climax. As her shock turns to curiosity, the male dismounts and catches a whiff of her heat…

Pig Farm

Tags: m/m, m/f, human, pig, eating_out, bestiality, scat, piss
Synopsis: Ted works in IT but has a side job pretending to talk to animals and charging handsomely for his services. Imagine his shock when the pigs at a breeding facility start actually talking to him and the rancher makes him an offer he can’t refuse…

The Prisoners

Tags: m/f, f/f, human, Pokémon, bondage, nudity, underage, tickle_torture, humiliation, no_sex, arousal
Synopsis: Molly and Mercy find themselves in a cell together awaiting their punishment for stealing. As minors, they can’t be flogged, but their torturers are about to show them that tickling can be every bit as bad.

The Rainforest Tribe

Tags: human, underage, quicksand, snuff, dubious_consent, straight, gang_bang
Synopsis: While on a trip to the rainforest, a group of adolescent and teenage girls wanders off from their group in search of an elusive tribe rumored to drown anyone they find in quicksand. Coming up empty-handed, the explorers reluctantly decide to return to the group. But first, a bath in the river…

Rape a Child, Become a Child

Tags: underage, mental regression, adult-baby, diapers, watersports, rape
Synopsis: A pedophile is sent to an institution for “alternative therapy” that involves age regression.

A Sexual Field Guide to Cimarron Univeristy

Tags: male/female, bull, cursed_sexuality
Synopsis: Someone finds a mysterious book cataloguing the sexuality of every fur at Cimarron University. Then someone writes in it. Now some are getting lucky, and some are mortified, but nobody can figure out who is to blame.

A Sleepover and a Webcam

Tags: canine, male, female, underage, micro, snuff, gore, insertion, vore, buttcrush, boobcrush
Synopsis: An ordinary birthday goes horribly wrong when a bunch of cubs come down with shrinking sickness and get to star in an unknowing amateur porn star’s next film.

Smoking in the Snow

Tags: kitsune, underage, cigarettes, smoking, incest
Synopsis: It’s bitter cold outside, and Holo is beside herself to know what to do to keep Myuri warm.

A Very Bad Day

Tags: m/m, m/f, human, cow, pig, rhino, horse, anal, diapers, scat, piss, underage, diaper_messing, diaper_wetting, diaper_blowout, dubious_consent, bestiality
Synopsis: James thinks he’s finally going to get revenge on his friend, Kyle, but when Sandy turns the tables on him and takes him to a kids’ all-you-can-eat buffet, James gets way more than he bargained for!


These are stories that I’ve posted to one or more other sites but that I wrote for the fun of it in PDF format. The other stories on my site were written only in WordPress, so PDF versions do not exist. This lets me put all my PDFs on one page. Caveat emptor: the stories I write “for me” generally get published as Jack’s Blacks titles so that I end up writing them for both fun and profit. The stories here are too taboo for Amazon, so consider this fair warning!

The Welcoming Ceremony

Tags: anthro, goat, male/female, male/male, adult/teen, teen/infant, underage, drinking_cum, orgy, incest
Synopsis: Jeff grew up in an anthropomorphic goat society where the primary commandment is that the orgy must last forever. As far back as he can remember, Jeff has wanted nothing more than to participate in a welcoming ceremony, where newborn members of society are welcomed into society by select males who have passed the trials to prove themselves worthy of the honor and responsibility. Now at last, his opportunity has finally come.

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