The Blog Entry That Used to Be a Page

Okay, a bit of stream-of-consciousness follows…  It’ll explain it all at the end.

As I’ve mentioned in at least one post now, I self-published a couple of books on Amazon.  They’re adult-themed; you have been warned.  Most of my writing is adult-themed.  I should check and see what the guidelines are on here; we’ll see how much I have to tone it back.

Anyway, links!  Yes, links to books.  And also links to other stuff I’ve set up to try to get the word out.  I’ll try to keep this page updated as I publish more books.

My first (published) book, Human-Centaur Relations, is about a guy, Bryce, 19-ish, who lives in England with his grandpa.  All Bryce’s life, his grandpa has told him stories about how the stories the Greeks told us about centaurs are all lies; centaurs were really gentle, kind, nurturing souls that humans libeled to compensate for how badly we treated them.  So Bryce has quietly caught the infection his grandpa has: he desperately wants to meet the centaurs.  Unlike his forbears for generations, Bryce is going to get lucky enough to do just that.  And I think that’s where I’m going to leave you to read the book.  There will be sex.

Human-Centaur Relations on Amazon

My second published book is called Shane and Colton.  I haven’t said it on here before, but I’ll say it now; I’m a furry.  No, that doesn’t mean I’m covered in hair (well, there is that, too…); it means that I’m an anthropomorphic animal enthusiast.  For those who still don’t know what I mean, think Bambi: he’s a talking animal who can make facial expressions.  He’s a form of anthropomorphic character.  Now, for giggles, have him walk upright but still have back hooves and hands on his forelimbs.  Now you’re getting in the realm of what I’m talking about.  Consider Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia.  There ya go.

That little aside aside, Shane and Colton is about Shane, an anthropomorphic horse, and Colton, an anthropomorphic cougar.  Shane is an attorney, and Colton is his favorite prostitute.  In their world, spit handshakes are legally binding (and don’t ask me how, but somehow enforced by magic—just go with it; it’s fun!), and so when Colton tries to get the best of Shane during a spit handshake and fails epically, it ends up with Colton moving in with Shane…as his slave.  That turns out to be fortuitous because Colton knows something about a case Shane is working on that will help convict the guilty and free the innocent.  That’s where I leave you; there will be sex.  I think that should be my catch-phrase or something: “And that’s where I leave you; there will be sex.”  But that’s a lot of typing, and even though I type 100 WPM, give or take, it’s still a lot of typing.  Maybe I’ll abbreviate it to “ATWILY;TWBS”.  Know what?  I like that.  If I can remember it, I’m using it.

Anyway, a link: Shane and Colton on Amazon

As a bit of other news, I’ve commissioned a book cover for Shane and Colton, and depending on how that goes, I’m planning to publish it in paperback.  I just think it’d be awesome to actually have a copy of my own book in my hand.  Just makes it feel…so much more real, you know?

Update 2017-11-24: The paperback version is finally here and available from Amazon: Shane and Colton (Paperback)

What else…

Ah, yes, links to things.

Facebook Page

Goodreads Page

More news, more news…I’ve applied to publish on Apple and gotten approved, but I don’t want to use my legal name, so I’m working through that.  Might try for Barnes and Noble, too.  We’ll see.

Know what?  The engineer in me can’t stand all this freeform stuff.  This “page” content is getting moved to a blog article, and then I’ll put up a new page with nice, clean link information.

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