Exciting News: The Shane and Colton Paperback!

It’s taken me months to get around to it, but I finally bit the bullet and commissioned a cover for Shane and Colton.  I got it today, and I’ve uploaded it to Amazon, proofed the book, set a price, and pushed Publish.  Now I’m just waiting on Amazon to review it, and then I’ll be able to order a paperback copy of my book!

Oh, right…you guys can order one, too, if you want…

Heh, I’m just beside myself with excitement: holding my own book.  It’s…surreal to think about; I can’t imagine what it’s going to actually be like.  Anyway, I’m setting the price at $10.26.  I would have set it at $5.13 (Ebony’s initials), but that wasn’t enough to cover the cost of printing, so I doubled it.  I’d suggest that if you haven’t read it and want to, get the e-book: it’s $0.99.  But if you really want that book experience, it can be yours (well…after they approve it, anyway…and after I get my copy…because, you know…mine!).  Okay, okay, if y’all beat me to the “Buy It Now” button, I won’t hold it against you too much…but…

And here I thought tonight was the night I was actually going to go to bed…I have to work tomorrow (well, today, now).  Better sign off.  But I wanted to let that be known.  I’m so excited!


Update: It’s available on Amazon here!

Another update: I got my copy!  Looky!

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