Slave Auction

WARNING: This page contains explicit material not intended for viewing by minors. If you are not considered a legal adult in both the place you live and the place from which you are accessing this site, please leave immediately!


You can come back when you’re an adult. Not meaning to be a jerk about it, but I don’t want to get in trouble because the wrong person viewed my stories.


By continuing to read, you declare that you’re an adult and agree to hold me harmless if you see something that offends you.


So, after determining that the likes of Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple were not going to be willing to publish my book (the first one I ever wrote), I’ve decided to sell it myself as a PDF. The description is provided below for anyone interested.

Please note: I have to fill these orders manually, so please allow up to a day for me to process your order. PDFs will be sent to your PayPal email address unless you contact me to make other arrangements first!

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued once I send the story. If you want to cancel your order before I send the story, please contact me via the contact form ASAP.

Slave Auction (PDF) by Jack Doe

Chris’s life gets turned upside-down and inside-out when best friend, Hank, tricks him into joining a slave auction for what is supposed to last only an hour. But fight as he does, he’s no match for a society set up to handle troublemakers just like him. Without having set very many limits, he’s fallen into the custody of the cool-demeanored Master Montesquieu and his much hotter-headed lead guard, and now he’s expected to service everyone from Master to the household dog and everyone in between! Join Chris as he endures new forms of sadism both as punishment and as amusement for his captors, experiences connection in an unlikely place, and ultimately tries to find self-worth in his new life. This story contains taboo material that is suitable only for adult audiences, including pervasive bestiality and sadism, watersports, and consensual and nonconsensual sex between heterosexual and homosexual couples. Reader discretion is strongly urged.



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