Commissions Re-Opening Soon (And Other Changes)

Well, I’ve been a lazy bum long enough, and it’s time to get busy again. I’ve posted some changes to my FA page regarding how I’m going to handle commissions going forward. For those not on FA, here’s a brief summary:

  • I’m going to be more selective in the commissions I take and will only take 3–5 commissions at a time,
  • Expedited commissions are going away,
  • After selection, commissions will be done shortest-first and longest-last to prevent long delays for commissioners with short commissions, and
  • My rates will remain the same at 1.1¢ / word.

While commissions aren’t officially open, yet, I’m just getting the word out that it’s coming in the next few days (I gotta quit watching Netflix and get back to doing something productive…and lucrative!).

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