Ode to Gay Horses (Erotic Poem)

You know, my site’s been in existence for a few hours now, and there’s still nothing erotic on it.  I need to fix that.  Admittedly, I’ve already got this posted on my FA site, but here it is again because I happen to be rather proud of this.  I don’t often write poetry (other than haikus; one of my coworkers for a while referred to me as “Haiku Boy”, a name I was very much enamored with), and I thought this one came out pretty darn good.

The breezy wind blew through my mane
Upon its changing course.
And lifting up my neck, I strained,
and then I smelled the horse.

And as I spread my nostrils wide,
My hormones all a-blur,
The scent of musky male I spied;
My sheath began to stir.

With mindless legs that carried me
To where the stallion grazed,
I nuzzled ‘gainst his neck to see
If I could meet his gaze.

And bending down my neck to his,
My nicker low and plain,
I only wanted simply this:
To hear his soft refrain.

I flicked my tail and pawed the ground,
But still the grass he ate,
And when I moved my jaw around,
His hunger would not sate.

So desperate was I, needing him
to mount my lewd behind!
He filled his gut, his only whim;
My pleas he paid no mind.

So snorting with my great desire,
To have his horny prick,
I vowed his lust to set afire,
And gave my tail a flick.

Alas, the coy and cold equine
Did snub my plaintive ask
And terrified he would decline
I turned and showed my ass.

And lifting up my tail to him,
my donut-hole exposed,
I sought to satisfy my whim,
But still the grass he mowed.

At last in desperation, I
Could take no more delay,
And slick with perspiration, my
Poor mouth began to neigh.

To turn the tables, I did mount
That stubborn, sexy stud.
At last my efforts did amount
To heat his tepid blood.

Triumphantly I whinnied out,
And strongly took my stance.
While he my joyous butt did mount,
The mares looked on askance.

I didn’t care; his cock did push
Against my itching hole,
And soon he filled my aching tush
With fluids from his pole.

And I the ground did finally splatter,
Sated by my beau.
That left just one and final matter:
Love the afterglow!

And after that we both were spent;
Our eyes began to glaze.
As stars bedecked the firmament,
We settled down to graze.

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