New Jack’s Blacks: Setting Him Straight (Poll)

So, you guys know how I was gonna quit doing commissions so I could focus on writing Jack’s Blacks? Yeahhhhh… work has pretty much sucked up all of my free time, but I’m on vacation this week (only two more days… sigh…) and managed to knock one out, Setting Him Straight, available on Amazon here. This one is my second-ever Jack’s Blacks request, so I hope it’s enjoyable. Here’s the prompt:

A flamboyant and very cocky gay boy is very proud of his “Gold Star” (Being a gay man who’s never been with a woman) and loves to brag about it. A vixen friend has had enough of it and decides she needs to take matters into her paws and show him what he’s been missing. Through her efforts and magic, she breaks him and makes a straight stud out of him.

I’m also finally getting around to working on one that I had started a long time ago, Contract Breeder. I had hoped to finish it this week before my vacation is over, but a single line item out of the outline has turned into over 6000 words (and still counting), and I’m only six lines in on a 37-line outline. Total word count is right at 10k words, so if this pattern continues, we’ll be at something like 62k words, and I might be tempted to pull this out of Jack’s Blacks and let it be its own (short) full-length story. I dunno; we’ll see.

I do have another Jack’s Blacks request on my docket, too: those of you who like the genital mutilation stories will probably enjoy this one, but I have to admit that I’m probably not going to get to that one this week. Things at work are going to be hectic starting next week, so I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to get started on it, but I just wanted to let the requestor know I haven’t forgotten you.

Aaand, I’ve got three other ideas to work on at some point. I’m gonna do an experiment here and see if I can create a poll. Let me know which one you’d be most interested in me working on next (after the two I already mentioned).

  • Think Untraceable, but with sex instead of death. For those not familiar, there’s a website that slowly kills the victim based on the number of people who view it. When one victim dies, another is kidnapped and a new site is set up employing a different means of execution.
  • Use It or Lose It: In this contest, the contestant must ejaculate frequently or a guillotine will nullify him, and he’ll be turned out to “entertain” the winners.
  • Your Fans Demand It: A popular porn star just wants to hang it up and be done, but extenuating circumstances force him/her to keep performing debauched acts.

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