Long-Past Due Update

Hey, all. It occurred to me as I was posting the notice about The Service that it’s been a long time since I last posted an update. I think I’m due.

So, let’s see… Work is going well. Very well. I became full-time in March and have recently been designing circuits again, setting up Jira (a task, bug, and project-tracking tool), doing some systems work, and generally enjoying myself. I built a prototype board today and would have tested it more, but I had to go to a dental appointment. Tomorrow, though, I hope to finish bringing it up. It truly is an amazing feeling to be able to start with nothing, conceive of a gadget, and after a few hours of work, be holding that gadget in your hand. Don’t get me wrong—writing is also amazing—but being able to hold something functional is just amazing. Also fixed a bug in a tool I wrote for a previous company Monday evening, so that was good, too. It’s nice to have multiple revenue streams.

Speaking of, I have been doing so much writing lately. I realize my last post only announced The Service, but the next day (last Friday), I published Cattle (I had previously scrapped it but resurrected it and discovered it really didn’t take much effort to make it publishable). I did a 6k-word commission on Saturday, and then I started working on my latest Jack’s Blacks installment, Oh’eah, on Sunday. Writing feverishly Monday and yesterday, I finished the draft, revised it, and submitted it to Amazon. It is currently in the “publishing” state (whatever that means—it’s been there for hours), but as soon as I learn that it’s gone live, I’ll update the Books and Links page. So, yeah: crazy-busy few days, and I must get to bed at a reasonable time tonight. I think I’ve averaged about 6 hours or less a night for the last week, and I’m definitely feeling it.

The herd is doing well; it’s been much hotter this year than usual, but they’re drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and really don’t seem to be bothered by it, as best I can tell. Very relieving.

Ooh! I planted tomatoes back in March or so, but I’d given up on them because they seemed like they were dying (despite getting watered daily). So, I kinda gave up on them, but then I discovered a ripe tomato a couple of weeks ago and have been harvesting them ever since. Not getting as many as one might expect for having planted 100 plants (yes, I know, it was way too many; I won’t be doing that again), but at least I have enough tomatoes that I can eat one or two every day. I’ve found that if I wait to pick them until they’re fully ripened, the bugs or critters get to them, so I’ve been picking them a little early. As a result, I currently have a dozen of them sitting on the counter ripening (after having already eaten two).

Speaking of eating, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since September. It’s amazing how much weight you can gain when you’re stressed out. I definitely feel better, though my cheeks have lost so much fat that my cheekbones stick out. It’s…kinda unnerving to see in the mirror. Good, but there are times I catch my reflection and do a double-take.

Not much else going on. I am working up “In Flanders Fields” on the piano, though. Pretty piece, but it involves a lot of notes at once and movement in my left hand. It’s been good practice, and hopefully one of these days, I can make it sound good.

You guys oughtta send me a Jack’s Blacks suggestion. I think I’ve only ever gotten one suggestion since I started the site. I wonder if the page itself comes off to harsh. I dunno. I gotta admit, I don’t think very many people read these, but eh…as I said way back when I started this site, I use it for getting things off my chest just as much as I do for actually communicating.

Anyway, take care, all.

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