Changes to Commissioned Stories in the Works

Hey, all. Just dropping a quick note to say that I’ve been working on an app that will let me just about 100% automate the non-writing aspects of my commissions (exporting to Word / PDF, invoicing, sending to clients, and posting online). To that end, the easiest way to address the interface to WordPress is to maintain a cache of all the story information locally and then push out the updated, comprehensive list when I do the update. To make that more consistent, I’m tweaking the format of the Commissioned Stories page a little bit. All the stories, tags, synopses, and client names (where they didn’t request to be anonymous) will still be there, just grouped by series (if any) and then all non-series stories are lumped in at the end. Finding by tags should still work fine; it’s just that if any of you are used to looking for a story on a specific part of the page, that might change. It’s not gone (I’ve tested the interface and confirmed that all stories are present); it’s only moved.

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