Jack’s Blacks Volume 7: Raw Material Collection

It occurs to me that I should probably actually announce my books as I publish them rather than just updating the list. So, here’s to starting that trend!

I’ve begun the submission process for Jack’s Blacks volume 7: Raw Material Collection.
Theme: Assisted masturbation

The world is at war, and and since drilling for oil was phased out decades ago, the country is running short on vital plastics. Fortunately, scientists have found a way to synthesize plastic from more “renewable” resources, but it takes a lot of males to contribute enough to supply the country—and the war effort.

On his 18th birthday, Toby breathlessly answers the phone to find out if his application to join the military has been accepted and is disappointed to find out otherwise. But, as a male goat, there are other ways he can contribute…if he can get his body to cooperate.

I’ll post a link here and on the Books and Links page once it’s published!

[Edit 2021-03-09] It’s published here!

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