Status Update 2021-01-23

So, I’m finally posting commissions again, which is a big step up over the last several months. That said, I’ve amassed a bit of a backlog—people who asked me about commissions while I was on hiatus—and I’m trying to work that off. I’ve currently got 5 people left in the queue, so if you’ve talked to me about a commission already, be watching for me to reach out. I’m going at a much slower pace—it’s looking like maybe one commission a week right now, but we’ll see how things go.

One issue I’ve run into recently is that my repeat clients are getting themselves back on the list before I can work it off, and that’s part of the reason that I haven’t opened up in so long. While I love the fact that you guys like my work enough to commission me again, I’ve got to give others a chance to get in line. So, after a fair bit of consideration, I’ve decided that if you’ve already gotten a commission from me this year, I have got your request for the next go-around saved off, but I’m going to give newbies a chance to get in line before I do any more repeats. Once I’ve opened up for a round, I’ll burn through my backlog again. It’s not the ideal situation—I really appreciate you guys’ ongoing support—but something has to give, and this was the best I could come up with.

I’m changing the commission process a bit, too. Before, I had people fill out the questionnaire in advance and would often discuss the commissions with them at the time they filled out the form, but it might be weeks or (eep) months before I got around to actually working on the story. By that time, all the inspiration and excitement had kinda worn off, and a lot of the commissions felt like chores, even though they seemed “shiny and new” when we discussed them. So, now I’m going to let people reserve their slots in line but have them wait to fill out the questionnaire until I’m ready to work on it. That will hopefully let me take advantage of that initial burst of creativity before it wears off and should make it so that commissioners will have my undivided attention as we go through their responses.

As for right now, commissions are still officially closed until I get my backlog worked off. I’ll let you guys know here and on my commission status page when I’ve opened up again.

Thanks for bearing with me!


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