Gosh, I Miss My Keyboard

Okay, random comment, but also bits of status update (sheesh, I think I’ve posted more in the last two days than all of last year combined…maybe I like even years).

Watched a musician / comedian called Victor Borge for a while; he’s dead, but YouTube has captured some very funny moments of his. Then again, it could be the beer talking (I think I’m on number 5?), but I was holding my sides for a bit of his acts. One thing led to another, and then I was watching a most unusual video: a man playing a piano for an elephant. Totally random, but also…wholesome. I’m not gonna pile on a bunch of extra anthropomorphism and such, but it was just…nice to see a guy playing a piano (even if it was an upright) for this 80-year-old elephant, who flapped her ears and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Eeyup, definitely in the “too drunk to filter what I watch” stage. But hey, of the things I could be watching, it’s a helluva lot better than Jackass.

Anyway, I’m excited: I’m in the queue to finally get some stickers for Telegram. I’ve been wanting them for a few years, but—

Ugh, damn coyotes. They always sound like they’re just outside the camper. And they are really talkative tonight. Weird how many completely different noises they make: howls, hyper hyena noises, all different pitches, durations, and cadences. Weird.

—where was I? Oh, yeah, stickers. Been wanting them for several years now, but I feel like they’re like potato chips; you can’t have just one, and of course, the artists charge per sticker, so I didn’t really want to spend the money. But hey, I figure if after years, I still want them, and it’s only around $200, why not? So, I’ll finally have bespoke stickers to capture common phrases and expressions I find myself using a lot online (or would, if I could find a proper sticker or emoticon—because fuck emojis):

  • Smile & wave—general greeting
  • Pinching the bridge of my nose—did you actually just say that?!
  • Scowling—you have displeased me greatly
  • Flirting (showing ass)—because damn it, a guy has needs!
  • Flirting (sucking YCH dick)—because both ends have needs!
  • Eye-roll—seriously?
  • Whatcha doin’?—In other words, I’m so bored, I’m wanting to live vicariously through you
  • I’m stealing this—you said a thing, and I like the thing, so I’m taking it
  • Hug—because my arms have needs!
  • Cuddle—because…um…my…uh, well, everything has needs
  • This ^—you said a thing, and it was a good thing, but I’m just gonna agree without stealing it; you’re welcome

I’m screwing it up, but the end of that list was 440 words…like an ‘A’. If you don’t know what I mean, don’t worry about it.

Ahh, beer. I should drink less of you, but…feeling giddy and happy is so addictive!

It’s cold out tonight; 39 now, low of 30. I hate the cold. If I had my way, I’d live someplace where it absolutely never—with a 99.99999999999999999….% confidence level—got below freezing. I mean, okay, the snow a few days ago was kinda cool (heh), but freezing is just…useless. No good can come from freezing. Hell, I don’t even like ice cream truly frozen. So, yeah. Okay, that was random.

I kinda wanna do a commission, but I know that as soon as I start, I’m gonna get frustrated with it. So, I’m not gonna do one tonight. But…getting paid is nice.

Bah, whatever. This has been a truly scatterbrained ramble.

PS—I miss my keyboard because I also listened to some amazing soundtracks (okay, mostly related to the Elder Scrolls series…and also the song I wrote inspired by Morrowind), and I wanted to write something new…or at least play something beautiful or inspiring.

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