Minor Status Update

Holy crap, I’ve written a lot this weekend; I’m pretty sure I wrote 16K today alone! It’s nice to have a real day off occasionally. But anyway, yeah, there’s a nice, big chunk in the Getting to Know You series. I don’t have anything else planned for the time being, so we’ll see when the next installation will be, if at all.

Also, I have really good news: I talked to an architect last Tuesday, who told me that he’d probably have plans to me two weeks from last Friday (so, the 31st) on account of his whole team going to a conference this coming week. But, to my amazement, he had a draft of plans for me last Friday—including 3D renderings! So, I spent a good 4-5 hours yesterday reviewing and marking them up. It was really impressive to see how many things he got right the first time. It also revealed a few things that I might need to change, so I’ve sent my feedback and am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to sit down and discuss the changes so that hopefully I can finally get out of this camper! I need to call the bank and the builder; I emailed them both, but neither one has responded, so it’s time to double down. I am determined that barring any major disasters, 2020 will be the year I get out of here.

With that, I’m going to bed. Multiple nights last week of not going to bed before 0200 and a number of stressful projects all hitting at once at work has left me really needing a good night’s sleep. But, I wanted to share some good news first.

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