Virtual Reality

So, first story in a long time. A friend of mine is really into pig transformation, so this is for her. It’s tagged as erotica, but there’s not really any sex, just so y’all are forewarned. Enjoy.

The fair grounds bustled with activity: animals being put on display, children running and playing on the midway, and adults leisurely strolling around taking it all in.

Shawna and Frank were one such couple. Both in their late twenties, they had observed the prized pigs, horses, and bulls, seen some of the shows, and were now making their way toward the midway.

“Oh, hey, look at this!” Shawna called above the din, pointing to a booth on the border of the midway and the exhibition arena.

Frank looked over and then walked over to her. “What’s this?” he asked.

“The best virtual reality you’ll ever see!” a voice said.

Shawna and Frank both jumped in surprise and looked at the speaker, a wiry little man who looked like death warmed over but whose smile still managed to be warm and cheerful.

“What do you mean?” Frank asked.

“Well, you both just put these headsets on, and then one of you will turn into an animal—virtually, of course.”

Frank cocked his head quizzically. “That seems like a very strange thing to turn into virtual reality,” he said. “Why that?”

“Well, it’s actually very challenging,” the little man said. “Augmented reality is easy; you expect to see something out-of-the-ordinary overlaid on top of what you see. Complete virtual reality is also easy; you expect to be fully immersed in a virtual world. But this—this is much harder: it takes what you’re actually seeing and then creates a model specific to whomever is wearing the headset in real time to create the most realistic transformation ever! Come on, give it a try! I promise you won’t believe your eyes!”

Frank and Shawna exchanged skeptical glances, and Frank eyed the price poster next to the booth.

“I dunno,” Frank said uncertainly, “$25 a person is pretty pricey just to see someone ‘transform’.”

The little man did a double-take, looking at the sign. “Oh, my mistake,” he said, chuckling.

A black marker materialized from his pocket, and he hastily scratched out the 2, drew an S, and put a vertical line through it.

“English isn’t my first language,” he explained sheepishly, “I’m always getting my 2s and dollar signs backwards.”

The couple reeled in surprise. “Really?” Frank asked, “Five dollars apiece?”

The little man nodded, and Frank and Shawna exchanged glances again.

“Sure,” Shawna said, “Why not?”

Frank handed the little man the money, and the man stepped aside and held back the thick, heavy black velvet drapes to let them both into the booth. It was a little cramped inside, but there was enough for the three of them to stand. On the far wall were two headsets sitting on stands. The couple went straight for the headsets and started to pick them up.

“All right, before you put those on,” the little man said, “Do you know which of you is going to change, or do you want to flip a coin for it?”

Shawna and Frank looked at each other, and after a few moments, Shawna said, “Let him do it; I gotta see this!”

Frank half-pouted. “Aww, but what am I gonna be able to see if I’m the one changing?” he asked.

“You’ll have a very immersive experience, too,” the little man said, picking up one of the headsets and lowering it over Frank’s head.

Frank pursed his lips. “It’s kinda heavy,” he said. “Is it on? I can’t see a thing!”

“It will be on in just a moment,” the little man said patiently. “Just give it a minute so it can scan you.”

“What kind of animal is he going to turn into?” Shawna asked.

“That,” the little man said with a twinkle in his eye, “is up to you.”

Shawna opened her mouth to speak, but the little man quickly put his finger to her lips. “Shh,” he said, “Don’t say anything; my system will know what to do once you put on your headset.

“You’re not gonna turn me into something gross, are you?” Frank asked, shriveling his nose. “I don’t wanna be an iguana or a slug or something…”

“Just wait and see,” the little man replied as he strapped the other headset onto Shawna’s head.

“Now, the headsets are about to come on,” he said, his tone turning serious, “but I must impress something very important on you: you must not take the headsets off until I tell you it’s safe, okay? No matter how real things seem, just remember that it’s all virtual. If you take the headset off beforehand, it might make you nauseous or even hallucinate. Say it back to me: I won’t take the headset off before I’m told it’s okay.”

“I won’t take the headset off before I’m told it’s okay,” Shawna and Frank chorused.

“Good,” the man said. He flipped a switch. “Here we go.”

The screens came on inside the headsets, and Frank and Shawna were immediately back in the booth. They each looked around and could clearly see themselves, each other, and even the little man.

“Huh, okay,” Frank said, “it looks just like real life. Is that all it does?”

“Be patient, Frank,” Shawna said, “I’m sure it’s just letting us get used to having it on!”

They glanced at the little man, but he said nothing.

Frank pursed his lips and continued to look around, shrugging. After a moment, he shook his head.

“Mister,” he said, “Are you sure this thing works? I didn’t pay $5 to wear a fancy pair of glasses!

“Whoa!” Shawna gasped.

Frank turned to look. “What?” he asked.

Shawna pointed at his face. “Look—you–your face! Your nose, it—it’s getting flat and kinda wrinkly around the sides!”

She looked around, and her face lit up on finding a mirror sitting on a little table between where the headsets had been. “Look!” she said, holding it up to him.

Frank did a double-take. “Whoa…” he said, staring intently into the mirror. “Okay, wow, Mister, that’s really cool!”

He instinctively reached for his face to feel of his nose, but all he could feel was the visor of his headset. Yet as he continued to look in the mirror, his lip pushed out slightly from his face before his eyes, and his nose pushed out even more.

“What kind of animal looks like that?” Frank murmured.

He again reached for his face and again felt nothing but a visor, but as he lowered his hand back, Shawna yelped in surprise.

“What? What happened?” Frank asked, startled and jerking his head around.

“Look at your hand!” she cried.

Frank looked down at his hand and gasped. His index and middle fingers had fused, and so had his ring and pinkie fingers. Meanwhile, his thumb was—before his eyes—moving  backwards and inwards towards the center of his wrist.

“Whoa…” Frank said, his voice full of awe. He turned his hand over, rotating it in every direction. As he did, what little hair he had on his hand grew thicker and stiffer.

“Wow,” he breathed, “Shawna, look at the detail on this! This is incredible! It’s like I’ve got a—a…”

“A pig’s hoof,” Shawna breathed.

Frank looked at her indignantly. “Really?” he asked. “A pig, Shawna? Is that how you see me?”

“No!” Shawna protested. “I–I don’t know why it chose a pig. I wanted you to be a stallion!”

“So you can ride me?” Frank asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Get it, ‘ride’?”

Shawna rolled her eyes. “Maybe that’s why it’s turning you into a pig!” she started to laugh, but her laugh quickly turned into a grimace. “Ugh!” she groaned. “Gross!”

“Huh?” Frank asked.

“Look at your eyebrows,” Shawna replied.

Frank did and groaned. “Aww, come on!”

His right eyebrow had molded into his face, leaving him only with his left eyebrow. But even as he spoke, that one merged, too, and disappeared.

“That’s weird,” he said.

“Huh?” Shawna said.

“That thing with the eyebrows,” Frank said. “Interesting touch—got to give this guy credit for all the details—but a little gross.”

“Frank, what are you saying?” Shawna asked. “You’re mumbling and slurring so badly, I can’t understand you.”

Frank frowned. “I’m talking the same way I always do,” he said, enunciating very carefully. Glancing back at the mirror, he gasped. “Oh! That’s why!”

His snout had pushed out completely. His nose was now a protruding, slightly wet—(gross)—flat thing that wiggled of its own accord, and it had taken his lips and jaw with it. His face now looked like a pig with human ears.

“So weird…” he murmured to himself.

Just then, the tops of his ears grew pointed, making them teardrop-shaped, and then they began expanding outward. Before his eyes, his ears morphed from human to porcine.

Frank didn’t know what it was about that particular change, but on seeing that, he felt his legs go out from under him. He caught himself with his hands just in time.

“Frank, are you okay?!” Shawna asked worriedly.

“Yeah, just…that was really weird,” Frank replied.

Glancing up at Shawna, he saw that she still looked worried, so he nodded his head and focused very hard on enunciating, “Yes, I’m fine.”

What actually came out was along the lines of “Yesssshhth,” ending in an oink.

Wow, they’re really going all-out with this, Frank thought, listening to himself speak. He even went so far as to modulate my voice! This guy deserves a tip for this!

“Oh, my gosh!” Shawna gasped suddenly, quickly averting her eyes.

“What? What is it?” Frank asked impatiently. “Show me in the mirror!”

All that came out was a series of frustrated grunts and squeals. Curiosity drew Shawna’s eyes like a magnet, and she couldn’t help but glancing, only to look away.

“You, uh, you don’t fit in your clothes anymore,” she said, reddening. “Hey, Mister, how the hell do you know what Frank’s dick looks like?”

The little man again gave no response. But sure enough, as soon as Frank was on all fours, his hips had begun swelling, getting bigger and bigger, until his pants simply couldn’t contain him anymore. With an unceremonious pop, they had split around his waist and in his groin and fell to the floor in rags. Shawna had looked over just in time to see Frank’s wiener showing between his arms. Now that she looked again, she couldn’t help but stare as his stomach swelled, ballooning away from his body, giving him a potbelly that at least partially hid his dick from view.

Meanwhile, Frank was experiencing some unusual sensations himself; though he couldn’t see what was going on because of his current position, he couldn’t help but feel slightly nauseous. He let out a moan of discomfort

“Frank?” Shawna asked, hearing an upset squeal, “Is everything okay?”

Forgetting her embarrassment at seeing her boyfriend naked, she moved over and knelt next to him. Her eyes bulged, and she turned very red indeed: his penis had turned into a sheath, and before her eyes, his testes were growing. As they grew, they tried to slide up between his legs but were having trouble getting through the narrow opening.

“H–here, Frank,” she said uncertainly, “Spread your legs a bit.”

She instinctively reached out and grasped his leg between his thigh and knee and tugged it towards herself. With a little more slack, his testes popped through the space and planted themselves behind his legs, swelling even more. Frank let out a relieved grunt.

“Whoa!” Shawna gasped.

As she watched, Frank’s toes and lower legs withered and deflated, looking like a pair of empty panty hose attached to his knees. With a sudden movement, his knees slurped up the withered husks, and his kneecaps split and became hooves. Things happened fast as coarse hair sprouted all over Frank’s body and his thighs thinned out and became proper pig legs. As a final touch, a little lump appeared at the base of his spine, and out popped a little, curly tail.

Shawna sat on her butt with her legs loosely curled in front of her. She could only stare at this pig that had once been her boyfriend.

“O–okay,” she quavered, finding her voice at last, “Now change him back.”

“Of course,” the man said, speaking up for the first time since the system had been started up. “But what do you think? Was it very realistic?”

“Y–yes,” Shawna replied. “That—I—wow, that was so real! Unnerving, even,” she said, forcing a laugh.

“Touch him,” the little man said.

“Excuse me?” Shawna asked.

“Touch him,” the man replied. “This is truly immersive virtual reality; feel how coarse his hair is, how wet his nose is.”

“Um, no, thanks,” Shawna replied, feeling a little uneasy about touching her boyfriend. “How about just change him back? This is, ugh”—she shuddered—”a little too weird.”

The man hesitated. “All right,” he said reluctantly. “If you’re sure…”

“I–I am,” Shawna replied. “I’m sure. Definitely.”

“All right, just a sec,” the man replied, flipping some switches on a console.

The switch-flipping continued for some time.

“Hmm, uh, oh,” the man said.

Shawna’s pupils constricted. “What do you mean, ‘uh, oh’?” she asked, the pitch of her voice rising.

“Just give me a few more seconds,” the man said a twinge of worry in his voice.

Shawna shook her head. “N–no, this—this is just virtual reality, right? I’ll just take the headset off, and everything will be back to normal. If I’m nauseous, well, that’s fine.”

“Wait, no!” the man protested

But it was too late. Shawna took the headset off and blinked her eyes. The booth was just as it had been when they walked in, but there was no table and no mirror. But as she looked over at where her boyfriend had been, her voice caught in her throat.

Standing in a pile of Frank’s shredded clothes was a pig wearing a headset.

“Wh–what?” she asked. “Frank? Frank?!”

“Easy, Miss,” the man said, grasping her firmly but kindly by the shoulders. “I warned you not to take off the headset. You are hallucinating.”

“But Frank is—! He’s a—!”

“Frank is fine, but now you’re going to have to let the effects of the hallucination wear off. Come,” the man said, grabbing a stick and tapping Pig-Frank on the butt. “Come along, too, Frank.”

The pig squealed in displeasure but nevertheless followed along.

“For your hallucination to wear off, you’re going to need to finish the simulation,” the man said, handing her the stick. “Just take Frank around the arena and show him to the judges.

Shawna just stared at him.

“The simulation was based on pieces of your memories the system found,” the man explained, flashing a knowing smile. “You don’t have to worry; nobody will know he’s not a real pig. Just treat him like the pig you used to show when you were a child, and nobody will be any the wiser.”

Shawna blushed hard. She had liked showing her pet pig off, but she’d never imagined Frank as a pig to show off!

Still, if this is what it would take to get the hallucinations to go away, she might as well enjoy herself, she thought. Memories flooded back to her from when she was a little girl showing off Wilbur, her pet pig. Yes, she knew it was a stereotypical name, but she had loved Charlotte’s Web. Yet as much as she had loved Wilbur, he had never won any prizes; he wasn’t particularly big or beautiful or well-behaved, but she loved him anyway. Still, she’d always wished he could win a ribbon.

She looked at Frank. Now that she thought about it, Frank was huge for a pig! Having never had a chance to wallow, his coat was clean and tidy. And as she looked down at him and saw him looking back at her, she did a double-take as she saw her boyfriend’s kind eyes looking back at her. She couldn’t swear to it, but he almost seemed to be saying, “This is okay; live your dream.”

“Come on, Wilbur—er, Frank”, she said, tears in her eyes. “Let’s go win a prize!”

She didn’t even need the stick. Frank stayed by her side as she made her way around the arena, feeling the sand as it sloshed around her shoes and hearing the echoes of the big barn as she went. Frank scurried on little legs to keep up, but every time Shawna stole a glance at the judges, she saw them nodding, smiling, and writing things down on their clipboards.

She finished her round and went to her place, and Frank followed and plopped down  beside her—that was a lot of exercise for a big pig with tiny legs!

Other people that Shawna didn’t know came, showed their pigs, and took their places next to her. To Shawna, none of the other pigs looked anywhere near as big, beautiful, or well-behaved as Frank, but she was so used to losing that she still didn’t have much hope.

“And the winner is: Shawna, and her pet pig, Frank!” an announcer boomed.

Shawna couldn’t believe her ears. The crowd applauded, and a judge came over and put a big, blue ribbon on Frank. A camera snapped, and everybody left the arena.

“You did so well, Frank!” she said, squatting to ruffle his ears. “Come on; let’s go home.”

Frank grunted back happily and bounded after her. She led him out to the parking lot and opened the hatch on her crossover. It took a little effort, but Frank managed to get inside and immediately sprawled on his side, giving her an expectant look.

Shawna giggled and scratched his belly. “Oh, Frank,” she sighed, rolling her eyes.

She got in the driver’s seat and adjusted her mirror.

“Well,” she murmured, “Frank may be a pig, but he’s my prize-winning pig!”

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