I’ll Do Anything, Chapter 4

Tyler’s heart pounded as he felt the golden retriever’s knot begin to deflate. If he could just get free of it, maybe he could bolt. He hadn’t thought it through, but he had to do something! He didn’t like the idea of them “taking him with them” when the wolf in his ass pulled out.

“Now you just stay put there, horsey,” the golden retriever said, moving his hand to roughly grab Tyler by the muzzle and drive his thumb and fingers into Tyler’s cheeks.

Tyler’s eyes ran as he tried to resist, but damn it, those fingers in his cheeks hurt! Desperate to alleviate the discomfort, he reluctantly opened his mouth, and the golden retriever slipped out. Tyler grunted in frustration; he didn’t even get the chance to bite him. No time to worry about that, though: now was his chance!

Gritting his teeth, Tyler lurched forward, only to yelp in pain as the wolf’s knot in his ass refused to budge. Still, he dug his hooves in and lurched again.

“Should I knock him out, boss?” the golden retriever asked.

“No. Lane seems to be enjoying it,” the boss-wolf said.

Sure enough, the wolf in Tyler’s ass had his eyes half-closed and his tongue lolling out in ecstasy as Tyler pulled against his knot.

“Hurry up, Lane,” the golden retriever complained. “I got shit to do today.”

“You got to enjoy his mouth, now I get to enjoy his ass,” Lane replied dreamily.

“Lane!” the boss barked, “Get on with it.”

The wolf’s eyes shot open, and he grinned sheepishly .”Sorry, boss,” he said.

He took a few deep breaths, and Tyler could feel the wolf’s knot beginning to shrink.

Okay, get ready, he thought. One last chance.

The wolf’s knot continued to deflate. Tyler could feel it shrink down to where it was just barely small enough to pop out of him. He gritted his teeth again and lurched forward.

A collar clicked around his neck. Tyler didn’t care. He bolted off, not even looking behind him as he made for the sunlight out from under the bridge.

Twenty feet. Ten feet. Five feet. Two feet.

Tyler gagged as the collar jerked against his neck, flinging his feet out from under him. He fell to the ground with the wind knocked out of him.

“He’s a fighter, all right,” the boss wolf said, looking down on him. “We’ll fix that.”

With a kick to the head, Tyler was out cold.

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