I’ll Do Anything, Chapter 3

He cocked back and punched Tyler square in the jaw. The horse’s eyes squeezed closed in pain as his head jerked from the impact. The golden retriever, meanwhile, seemed to squirt even harder in Tyler’s mouth, turned on by the opportunity for violence.

“The harder you bite down, the harder it makes me,” he growled.

Tyler was too stunned from the blow to realize what was happening behind him until it was too late. He abruptly felt someone grab his hips and lift him until he was on all fours. Then someone grabbed his tail and wrenched it back. Tyler moaned in pain and humiliation around the golden retriever’s cock just as someone grabbed him from behind, wrapped his paws around Tyler’s waist, and thrust hard. Tyler saw stars as a wolf’s sharp prick missed its mark and stabbed him in the perineum. He tried to flinch out of the way, but the arms had a death hold around his waist. One more thrust, and Tyler’s eyes bulged as the wolf’s cock hit home and shoved itself into him.

Not like this…not like this! he screamed in his head as tears streamed down his face.

The wolf wasted no time driving himself balls-deep into Tyler’s ass. Tyler could feel each spurt of the wolf’s cum as it burned its way inside of him, could feel the wolf’s knot already swelling and stretching his ass painfully as it shoved its way in and yanked itself out. He struggled for all he was worth, trying hard to prevent the wolf from tying him.

But with a satisfied grunt from the wolf, Tyler suddenly felt the knot expand past the point of escape and settle into him. He was trapped, one knot spurting into his mouth and making his throat burn from its salty taste, and one spurting into his ass and making his bowel and anus ache from being stretched by the still-growing knot.

Anywhere but here. Anywhere but here. I want to be anywhere but here! Tyler moaned in his head as whimpers of pain and shame escaped around the golden retriever’s cock. He tried as hard as he could to think of someplace more pleasant, anything had to be better than this!

A mental image of a beach popped into his head. It was fleeting, but Tyler clung to it for dear life, desperately trying to hear the sound of the surf or feel the sea breeze on his skin.

“We-hehe-hell,” a voice said, ripping Tyler back into the present, “What have we got here?”

Tyler was back under the bridge in the shadows, his nose buried in golden retriever crotch and his ass throbbing from the rough treatment the wolf had given him. He glanced up towards the source of the sound. A well-dressed wolf stood there, smoking a cigar and looking down at him like a piece of meat.

“Whaddya say, boys? Is he a keeper?” the wolf asked.

“He’s feisty, but his mouth—mmm!—worth every bit of it, Boss,” the golden retriever said, holding his hand up in an “OK” gesture.

“How ’bout his ass?” the boss-wolf asked.

“Tight as fuck, Boss,” the wolf growled over Tyler’s back.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, uh, sorry—really, really tight, Boss,” the wolf replied sheepishly.

“What about his cock? Think he’ll do?”

There was a pregnant silence, disturbed only by Tyler’s terrified whimpering.

“Are you telling me nobody’s checked out the rest of the package, yet?” the boss-wolf growled.

“I was about to, Boss,” another voice said from somewhere behind Tyler, “But with these two already mounting him, it was hard to get into position.”

“Well, then, it looks like I’ll have to do it myself,” the head wolf growled. He knelt down next to Tyler.

The horse squeezed his eyes closed in fear. Anywhere but here! he thought again, trying to recreate the beach.

His eyes snapped open as he felt the wolf’s paw graze his sheath.

Oh…no..Not that, too! You can’t make me enjoy this! I won’t let you have that satisfaction!

“Responsive,” the wolf chuckled as Tyler’s traitorous cock poked out of its hiding-place. “Let’s see what we’ve got to work with.”

Tyler squeezed his eyes closed again and tried to grit his teeth as he felt the paw fondling the tip of his cock, coaxing it out inch by inch and then stroking up and down the shaft as soon as it emerged. In spite of his predicament, Tyler could feel himself getting hard.

“Yeah, really responsive,” the wolf said. “Lennie, get under here and put him through his paces.”

The boss-wolf got up and took a step back as another wolf appeared in Tyler’s peripheral vision and scooted under him like a mechanic sliding under a car. Tyler held his breath, not sure whether it would be worse for him to get off like this or for the wolf to just bite his dick off. Either one would be a terrible outcome.

A moan escaped his lips as he suddenly felt hot breath on his cock, followed rapidly by a warm, wet tongue. His cock leapt forward into the wolf’s hot, moist mouth and instantly began throbbing.

“Damn, Lennie, keep doing that!” the wolf behind Tyler said, panting blissfully. “His ass is clamping down something fierce!”

As much as Tyler tried to think of something else, each lap of that luxurious tongue on his cock yanked him back into the present. He felt the wolf’s tongue swirl around his cock, lap titillatingly up and down the underside of his cock, and caress his head. He began to breathe heavily, feeling his balls getting heavy.

No…no…no! he urged himself. They are not going to get you off!

His hands balled into fists as he set his jaw as best he could around the giant knot in his mouth and resolved not to let them take his self-control, too.

“He’s fighting, Boss,” Lennie said, pulling Tyler’s dick out of his mouth for a moment.

The boss-wolf scoffed. “You think you’re gonna win this, slut? Nah, you’ve got nothing. Take it from him, Lennie.”

Tyler squeezed his eyes closed and panted hard around the golden retriever’s cock as Lennie wrapped his lips around Tyler’s malehood and resumed his ministrations in earnest. Tyler whimpered in protest as Lennie’s paw came up to gently stroke and caress his testicles, heavy with unwanted lust.

Don’t…let…them…win! Tyler exhorted, but he was already beginning to feel his balls contracting, could feel that telltale sensation at the back of his neck and down his spine that warned of impending climax. Think of anything else! He willed himself to think of the bloodiest, goriest thing he could, and for a split-second, it worked. He felt a sensation of revulsion briefly overtake the feelings of lust.

And then the wolf in his ass shoved forward, pressing his knot up against Tyler’s prostate.

“Augh!” Tyler cried,  his whole body convulsing as he felt his balls begin to empty themselves.

In a split-second, Lennie was out from under him, and Tyler’s face burned as his cock flailed about like a banner announcing his defeat and spraying himself and the ground in a broken orgasm. There was no relief, no joy in it; only shame at his inability to even prevent them from getting him off.

“He held out pretty well, Boss,” Lennie said as Tyler’s cock finished and began limply drooling onto the dirty concrete.

“Good. In that case, you two finish up. We’ll take him with us.”

Take me with them?!

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