I’ll Do Anything, Chapter 2

It wasn’t cold, but Tyler shivered anyway as he took a breath and stepped under the bridge and made his way to the figure underneath. Though he wore a hoodie that covered most of his face, the fur’s muzzle and tail gave him away as a golden retriever.

“You Tyler?” he growled.

Tyler gulped and nodded. “You got the money?” he asked.

“After you perform.”

Tyler shook his head. “Money first,” he said. His voice was firm, but his stomach was doing somersaults.

The fur growled, making Tyler flinch, but then he fished in his pocket, and Tyler breathed a sigh of relief as he handed him a bill.

Tyler looked down and frowned. “Wait, no, it’s $40. That’s what we agreed,” he said.

“Twenty upfront, and twenty after you get it done,” the fur replied, his voice even. “Now get to it, horse-face!”

Tyler took a deep breath. He’d never dreamed it would come to this. He wasn’t even doing drugs!

“Get on your knees,” the golden retriever said. “Do it well, and maybe I’ll kick in a tip.”

The horse’s stomach turned, and it felt like someone had lined his shoulders and neck with ice cubes as he slowly knelt in front of the fur. It was all so surreal.

The harsh grate of the dog’s jeans unzipping brought Tyler back to reality. His nostrils instantly filled with the male’s scent, musky and acrid.

“Get to it, or the deal’s off,” the golden retriever said, his voice husky.

His cock had already poked out of his sheath and looked like glossy, red silk on a golden pillow. Under different circumstances, Tyler might have been turned on.

But this was different.

Don’t think about it; just do it, Tyler urged himself. He took a couple of deep breaths, opened his mouth, held his breath, and leaned forward.

The dog’s salty spunk hit his tongue before his lips even touched the prick that spat it. Tyler ignored the distaste and followed through, quickly wrapping his lips around the dog’s maleness and trying to retreat mentally to a happier place.

“Wow, that’s a hot mouth,” the fur said as his cock throbbed and spat some more canine sperm down Tyler’s throat.

Let’s just get him off, Tyler thought as he reluctantly pressed his tongue firmly against the dog’s cock and began stroking and swirling around it.

“Oh, fuck!” the golden retriever gasped. “Hell, yes!”

Tyler felt the john rock backwards and then begin lightly humping his face. He instinctively began bobbing in time, but his mind was trying to be anywhere but here selling his mouth for money.

How did it come to this? How did one stock market correction land him under a bridge blowing strangers for enough money to eat?

“You wanna double your money?” the dog asked.

Tyler started, yanked back into the present once again.

“Drop those pants and let me fuck you, and I’ll pay you $100,” the dog said, his voice raspy.

Tyler shook his head and momentarily took his mouth off the dog’s dick. “No,” he said, “Just oral.”

“Your loss,” the dog replied, his tongue lolling out and his eyes glazing over as he pulled Tyler’s head back onto his cock, driving his muzzle into the dog’s musky fur.

Tyler felt the spurts from the dog’s prick intensify and could feel the dog’s knot beginning to swell inside his mouth.

Uh, oh. Better back off, he thought.

He tried to pull back, but the dog held him firmly in place, his knot swelling faster in Tyler’s mouth. Tyler began to struggle.

“You said, ‘anything,'” the dog growled. “Be still.”

Panic began to creep into Tyler’s mind as the dog’s knot swelled so large that it pressed against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, forcing him to open his mouth to accommodate it. The idea of being stuck like this terrified him. The last thing he needed was to get arrested for doing the only thing he could to make ends meet! He couldn’t let that happen!

He opened his mouth wider and struggled harder to pull his mouth off the dog’s cock. The dog leaned forward, grabbed the back of his head with both paws, and yanked forward. Tyler yelped around the dog’s cock as it impaled his mouth, spitting cum right on the back of his throat. He could breathe sure enough, but each spurt wanted to make him gag. His eyes watered, and his nose began to run.

“That’s a good boy,” the dog murmured through contented panting, “Now just keep licking and swirling around my cock. It’s not like you’ve got anything better to do, is it?”

In spite of his discomfort, Tyler heard everything the dog said. He was right: there was literally nothing else Tyler had to be doing, nothing else to distract his mind from how cheap and dirty he felt as the dog continued to cum down his throat. A humiliated sob escaped his nostrils as he began to do as told, swirling his tongue around the dog’s cock, lapping at the spurting tip, and stroking the entire length and girth of the dog’s shaft and knot, which had grown so large that Tyler couldn’t pull off of it now if he wanted to.

A sharp, short whistle startled Tyler, and he looked up in shock to see the retriever’s expression of mindless bliss replaced by an attentive look at something specific. Tyler tried to turn his head to follow the dog’s gaze, but the dog reacted fast, holding his head still firmly with both hands.

“Now you just stay right there,” the dog growled, his eyes catching a stray beam of light from under the hoodie and reflecting gold. “Some of my friends needed a bit of relief, too.”

Tyler gasped and tried hard to jerk away, but the dog’s paws held him rigidly still.

“Don’t even think about biting me,” the dog said evenly.

Tyler’s eyes constricted as he suddenly smelled something new: something even more threatening than this golden retriever.

He smelled wolf.

A rough paw on his shoulder make him gasp around the golden retriever’s cock. His eyes darted to the side to see a black paw reach over to grasp the strap of his backpack.

“Wait! No!” Tyler cried, but his words were unintelligible.

He clamped his arms down, trying to prevent the wolf from taking his backpack off, but then he felt paws grabbing his arms and wrenching them up. He cried out in pain as the paws yanked his arms backwards to let his backpack be dragged off of him. Next he felt those paws grab his shirt, and with a gut-wrenching rip, he felt a cool draft of air blow across his now-naked back. All the while, the golden retriever stood over him, smirking.

“No! No!” Tyler screamed.

The paws on his face grabbed him hard, forcing him to look up at the golden retriever.

“You had your chance to double your money,” the dog said to him. “Shame you decided against it.”

Tyler felt paws at the waistband of his jeans. No! He couldn’t let this happen! He wasn’t going to be raped on top of everything else that had happened to him! His eyes flashed with fury, and just as the wolves behind him tore his pants in two, he bit down as hard as he could on the cock in his mouth and kicked as hard as he could with both hooves. As soon as they all screamed and clutched themselves, he’d bolt out and try to outrun them. If he sprinted, maybe he could make it to the police station. He—

He gasped and looked up fearfully. The dog’s knot was so big that all he’d done was squeeze it against his tongue and the roof of his mouth; his teeth couldn’t even begin to come together. Meanwhile, his double-barrel kick had missed completely. He’d only unbalanced himself and given away his intentions.

“So…” the golden retriever said, a bemused smirk on his face, “You wanna fight, huh?”

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