I’m Getting It Back

So, today has been awesomely productive. Got up, mowed 8 acres, cleaned the black tank, staked trees, got my shower, and am now waiting on laundry to finish washing. Oh, and I got the oil changed somewhere in there, too.

Also, I forgot how much I love grapes. Since I moved out of my parents’ house over a decade ago, I haven’t really done much shopping for fruit. But as I was sitting, watching South Park, it occurred to me that I really wanted some grapes. And now I have some. And they’re awesome. So yeah, they’re making my day right now. Also, Cheesecake Factory for dinner, so I’m really looking forward to some cheesecake. Been craving it for weeks now but couldn’t find it locally. So yay!

Ebony’s eye is at about 98%, which is great. I’m not treating it anymore, and it seems to be getting better on its own. I’m glad for that! Things look like they might finally be settling down. It’d sure be nice to not have to worry about anything for a little while.

My trees are beginning to bear fruit! One of the plums and—to my amazement—one of the apple trees that was nothing more than bare root stock a few months ago have fruit on them! I’m really excited but also kinda surprised. I didn’t think I was supposed to be able to get anything off them for a few years! Go figure…

I’m debating getting back to writing. I need to keep taking time off and get recharged, but I’m realizing that all I do is watch South Park, BoJack Horseman, and Family Guy in the absence of anything “real” to do. Still, it’s mindless entertainment, and I’m gonna keep at it awhile longer, I think.

I’ve been really moody lately, and I don’t know why. Generally pissed off, isolationist, just grumpy…and tired. I’ve been getting easily 8 hours of sleep a night (unheard-of for me), and after about two weeks of this, I don’t understand why I don’t feel more recharged. Work is typical work, but it’s not really bothering me so much. Other than traffic (seriously, people doing 20 MPH under the speed limit should be driven off the road or something…okay, not really, but geez!), I really don’t have anything to complain about, so it frustrates and confuses me that I’m feeling so angsty. Granted, I’d like to be in the house…with my own hot water…but it’s not like it’s eating me up. I dunno. Maybe I’m lonely, but that’s contradictory to being isolationist, so I dunno. I’ll have to observe and see if anything stands out.

Anyway, grapes are great. Time to eat more of them!

Also, WHOO HOO! I just found out this was my 100th post on here. Sweet…

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