Wow, it’s been way too long. I’m finally at the bar again, and I learned something new today: if you salt a napkin, it won’t stick to your beer mug. Neat!

The plans to have the smaller house built fell through: turns out I needed more equity, and it’s a minimum 17 months at my current rate of paying stuff off before I’d have enough to do it. I think I’ve decided to stick it out and get everything paid off like the original plan said. It’ll reduce my monthly payment and make it so I don’t have to pay PMI. We’ll see how I feel in 17 months…

The commission list is down to 4, and I’m looking forward to being done. I’m hoping to have them finished by the end of Sunday, but that’s a pretty tall order. If everything lines up right, though, it could happen.

Stuff at the property is about to get hectic. I’m gonna have to mow soon, and I need to spray for weeds. The trees I planted are all doing well, though, so that’s exciting! One of them has fruit on it…but it’s hard to tell what it is exactly.

Food’s here. Gotta go!

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