I’m going to forgo the whole April Fools’ thing…never been very good at those anyway. But I figured it’s been a while since I last posted, and I’m due.

Let’s see… My week off from commissions ends today, so I’ll have to get back into it hot and heavy tomorrow. I haven’t done nearly enough resting this week, though. I think I was up late every day except Friday and Saturday. I did, however, do a ton of sleeping yesterday, so whoo hoo! I plan to do some more today, too.

I took my truck in yesterday for an oil change, and they noted that I had no coolant. They dutifully filled it up, and we didn’t see anything leaking out, so I agreed to keep an eye on it. Well, I got back from Home Depot yesterday and saw a nice puddle of coolant actively leaking out of the truck. So, tomorrow morning bright and early, I’ve got to take the truck to the dealer and pray that I make it there before the engine overheats. As long as I’m there, I’m gonna go ahead and have them do the 100K and 150K-mile maintenance on it, too. Might as well get it done and over with.

The pasture is turning very green, which I really like. I’ve missed the greenery over the winter, and it’s coming in in force now. The herd can’t even keep up with it! I spent some time with them yesterday just sitting in the pasture and loving on them. I’ve missed that, but when I’ve been swamped with things to do, I feel like I never have time. I’m going to work on fixing my attitude where that’s concerned: I’m spending tons of money and time keeping this place up for them, so the least I should be able to do is enjoy their company. Heaven knows they’re usually more than willing to be loved on! Hee, hee. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when they scratch back. I got the brush out today and started brushing them out (usually I just use my hand, but with all the rain lately, they’ve got mud matted up in their hair that has been bugging me awhile). They definitely liked that, and I pulled clump after clump of hair out of the brush. The donkeys are getting used to me petting and brushing their legs now, which is great! They both even let me scratch itchy spots on their fetlocks, so we’re making huge progress over when I bought them. They’re all such loves, and I’m a lucky guy to have them.

As I mentioned, commissions should start back up in force tomorrow, but it will depend on what happens with the truck. I still have to get my minimum hours in at work, so if time allows, I’ll get started; otherwise, it may have to wait until Tuesday.

In any case, thanks to everybody for your support!


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