2018-03-04 (Almost 05!)

So, tonight was supposed to be the night where I played catch-up from having not slept much last night (or last week…). I got into bed and started watching BoJack Horseman (again) and was mostly just kinda winding down when I happened to check my FA account and saw that I had a message from one of my previous commissioners asking to do another one. Sweet! So I replied, waited around a little bit, and then he responded…along with two brand new commissioners. All three messages just showed up all at once! In a word, “Ack!”

So this is awesome! I now have three commissions lined up, plus my back-burner commission (that I swear I’m never going to finish), so in short, I have at least a week’s worth of commissions to do, and it’s still Sunday. So, wow! This is great! I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

In other news, I’ve started a demolition project on the trailer house that is technically mine (when I bought the property next door, I bought it as-is, and it came with more garbage than I hope to ever accumulate in my lifetime!). The deck/porch to the house has been looking rickety since I bought it, and the recent strong winds had started to take the sheet metal off it (that was a terrifying sound to hear!), so I threw a cinderblock up onto the roof to keep the sheet metal intact. Well, apparently the roof was so decrepit that the cinderblock was enough to cause the roof to start to slowly collapse…so I helped it with the tractor today. Got it down to where it can’t fall on anybody and dismantled and discarded as much as would fit in the dumpster. I’ll continue next weekend, after the dumpster’s emptied. Hopefully it’ll also be dry enough that I can finally put out fertilizer. The pasture’s beginning to green up (yay!), so I’m beginning to feel my spirits lifted. Nothing makes me sadder than brown, dormant grass, cold weather, and mud.

Anyway, I gotta go. Looks like one of my three commissioners replied, so I need to respond!

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