Progress’s Relentless Forward March

So they’re starting a Twitter campaign at work and encouraging the employees to post with a relevant hashtag. I’ve shunned Twitter ever since it first came out. My thought was, “Why would anybody care what I ate for breakfast?” It’s the same reason I don’t post on Facebook very often. But looking at it from a marketing perspective, I could see its value. So, I’m reluctantly—but curiously—joining Twitter. If you’d like to follow me, you’ll find me at @AuthorJackDoe.

In other news, commissions are going well: this week, I’ve done two new commissions and revised them as well as a third commission I had done a week ago and for which I was waiting for feedback. I’ve also continued on a 50,000-word commission I’ve been working on. It’s been slow-going, but I think I’m finally past the “boring” part and into the juicy stuff. ^_^

Gotta run for now; I’ve got to continue getting Twitter set up and working on that commission!

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