Santa’s Little Helpers’ Little Helper

Now, I didn’t tell you this, but there aren’t any female reindeer at Santa’s workshop, and, well, the guys get kinda…well, you know. That’s where I come in. I help the reindeer so they can help Santa.

It all starts about two months before Christmas. Until then, life is pretty easy for the boys. For the most part, they take care of each other, and other than feeding them and giving them rub-downs to make them feel good, my life is pretty laid-back. But come November, things change.

Of course, you know that the guys have a lot of flying to do on Christmas Eve. With billions of people to visit, it’s a lot of miles, and the guys have to be in tip-top condition to make it happen. That’s why November 1st, they all start training hardcore for the big night, and they train around the clock, six days a week. The seventh day, they sleep all day to get their energy back up, and then it’s another week of it. Seven and a half grueling weeks, the night from hell, and then the rest of the year they have off.

During those weeks, I’m pretty much busy 24/7, too. Between feeding them (they get fed twelve times a day), patching them up when they injure themselves (with training that hard, injuries are bound to happen), and rubbing them down to reinvigorate their strength, it keeps me on my toes. But the one thing that occupies me the most is keeping their minds on the job.

It’s a lot of extra exercise, and when they really get to it, it really stirs their hormones. Combine that with the fact that their trainer likes to pit them against each other competitively, and their hormones are raging! The competitiveness has caused problems in the past when they’ve tried to relieve each other: the tops go too hard on the bottoms, and the guys end up injured. So, my job is to give them an outlet. If they go too hard on me, I can take it. My coat’s been beaten up a few times, and Donner actually broke my tail one time, but it’s all for the cause.

First up, Donner. He’s the strongest, and it’s obvious his hormones rage the hardest. Anytime I hear him yelling at the guys, I know it’s time to go take care of him. He started early this morning, 6:00 AM. Sun wasn’t even up, and he was already at it.

“Get your head out of your ass, Blitzen, or I’ll stick my dick so far up there, you’ll have to pull your head out of Rudolph’s ass!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I yell, making a time-out sign. “Sorry to interrupt, Coach, but I’d better take care of this.”

“About time, Luke,” Coach says. “Get him back in the game as quick as you can.”

“Yessir,” I reply. “Come on, Donner!” I say, giving him my best “come hither” look, spreading my legs, and lifting my tail. “No, Comet, not yet.”

Donner snorts and paws the ground and then comes over, muttering under his breath about Blitzen. He stands next to me, and I quickly stick my head under him and lick his crotch, coaxing his prick out. It doesn’t take long until he’s fully erect. He’s settled down a bit now and isn’t muttering anymore.

“All right, big guy,” I say, flipping back around and bracing for impact. “Let’s get you off.”

Good old Donner doesn’t have to be told twice. He’s on my back in a flash, and all it takes is a couple of thrusts before he yells, “Oh, fuck, yeah!” and shoots inside of me. No sooner does he finish than he shakes his head, and he’s back in the game, trotting back to his place, ready to train some more.

I wince and tighten up a bit; he’s pretty forceful, but fortunately, he’s the only one who really hurts. Suffice to say, it takes me a bit longer to get over there than it does him.

As soon as I get back, I shake my head. turns out Donner was right; Blitzen doesn’t have his head in the game, but it’s not his fault. The poor guy’s being seduced hard by Rudolph, who after every exercise flicks his tail and looks over his shoulder, his nose glowing like the red light districts in Amsterdam. Only difference is, he’d pay you to fuck him.

“Come on, Rudolph,” I call. “Your turn, buddy.”

His ears prick up and he whimpers needily. “Oh, finally,” he breathes, flipping himself around and spreading his legs.

His cock is already out and dripping, but I ignore it and stick an antler right up his ass.

“Ohh!” he gasps, spreading a little wider.

Now he’s the perfect height, and I jump up on his back, moving my legs around to try to find his ass. I poke his butt a bit, and then I poke and sink inside a little bit. Fuck, he feels good, but no time to sit and enjoy it; I’ve got to get him back to his exercise! I angle my hips a little bit to let me hit his prostate. Then I feel it with my dick, a little hard lump. I aim for it as I pull back and thrust in. Bullseye!

“Ohh, ahh!” Rudolph cries, his ass clamping around my cock, and I have to really focus not to get off.

I’m one of those that once I’m off, I’m spent, and I’ve still got the rest of the guys to take care of. I grit my teeth, pull back, and thrust again, rubbing roughly over his prostate.

Rudolph screams like a little girl as his cock erupts and shoots all over his belly fur. For my part, I shake my head to clear it, coax my cock back into its sheath, and then quickly stick my head under him to get him cleaned up.

“Ooh, thanks, Luke,” he murmurs as I lick the last drop of cum off his prick and it slides back into him.

“Anytime, Rudolph,” I say with a wink. “Now get back out there and get it done!”

He trots off, kicking his back heels as he does, and I chuckle. Total bottom, total fem-boy.

About that time, I notice Dancer acting erratically. While he’s going through the motions all the other guys are, I notice him listing towards Dasher, his tail flicking off to the side, and then he lists towards Prancer, his cock poking out just a bit. Oh, great, he doesn’t know what he wants today.

See, Dancer’s versatile; sometimes he likes topping, and other times he likes bottoming. Most days, he picks one or the other, but occasionally—especially when his hormones are raging like they are today—he just can’t decide. It’s like going to a restaurant that makes two of your favorite foods. Some days you know which one you want, but sometimes both sound so good that you just can’t decide. Personally, I just flip a coin on those days, but Dancer never really figured that out, so it looks like I’ve got to help him decide.

“Come on, Dancer, leave those two alone,” I say, chuckling and nudging him from behind to get him out of line and moving away from the group.

“Oh, hey, Luke,” he says as if noticing me for the first time. “Is it that time already?”

“Yeah,” I chuckle. “You’re distracting Dasher and Prancer, so it’s about time we got you undistracted. What do you feel like today?”

“Fuck, man, I dunno. Anything sounds good right now. I’m so horny…”

“I know, bud, I know,” I say as I nuzzle his sheath. His prick pokes out and dribbles a little bit. “You poor guy,” I tell him as I take his cock in my mouth and begin sucking it. I feel a sudden coolness as my own cock sticks out.

Sudden warmth. Oh, fuuuck! I glance behind me to see Dancer’s head under my belly. Dancer’s a dangerous one; he’s one of the few who can get me off when he puts his mind to it, and like I said, I can’t afford to get off until everybody’s been taken care of.

“Easy back there,” I warn breathlessly. “I’ve gotta take care of everybody else.”

“Aww,” he says, sounding genuinely disappointed.

“I’m sorry, man,” I tell him apologetically. “Maybe after everybody’s done.”

“Yeah!” he says enthusiastically, and I feel him thrust hard into my mouth.

Suddenly, I can taste his seed as he spurts inside. Apparently the idea of sucking me to completion was enough for him this time. He shakes his head and sighs contentedly, his eyes a little glazed.

“Thanks, Luke!” he says as he bounds back to the group.

I smack my lips and savor the flavor before it disappears down my throat. Hmm, Santa’s been giving him fruit, I muse to myself. His cum’s a bit sweeter than usual.

Okay, three down, six to go. I wander back to the group, looking for aberrations. But standing behind the group, neatly arranged in four rows of two with Rudolph by himself up front—he begged Santa to let him be up there so he could entice the tops all night… Christmas day, he got his white Christmas as reindeer bukkake; hell, even the bottoms got into the spirit of things!—everything seemed to be in order.

I pursed my lips and squinted at the group. Something wasn’t right; granted, the first three were usually the first to go (they were by far the horniest), but normally by the time I finished with them, somebody else was ready to go.

And then I saw it. It was subtle, but Prancer and Vixen both were lifting their tails for Dasher, and for his part, the stud was doing his best to ignore them, although his prick belied his interest.

Better take care of him first, or the other one will torment him while I work on the first, I thought to myself.

“Dasher, you’re up, buddy!” I called.

He shook his head. “I’m fine!” he called through gritted teeth.

“Nah, come on, buddy,” I said, getting between him and the eager bottoms in front of him.

I lifted my tail and squatted right in front of him and then had to jump forward as he lunged, trying to take me right there in the middle of the workout. “Fine, eh?” I chuckled.

“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, following me out.

“You don’t have to be so embarrassed about it,” I said reassuringly as I adopted the pose for him.

“It’s not embarrassment,” he said as he leapt up onto my back, “it’s—mmf!—not wanting to be distracted. Mmm!”

He shuddered, and I felt his weight sag onto my back as he climaxed, his sperm joining Donner’s inside of me. A bit of a bottom myself, I let my eyes glaze over just a little bit. No harm in enjoying yourself, I reasoned.

By the time I came to, he’d already disappeared and was back in line. “So much for telling him he looked distracted enough already!” I muttered to myself, shaking my head and grinning. “Come on, Prancer,” I said.

The reindeer put his tail down and stiffly walked over. But as soon as he got to me, his tail was back in the air.

“I can’t help it,” he said frustratedly. “I try to control it, but it’s like an itch that needs scratching. The harder I try to ignore it, the worse it gets!”

“I know, brother,” I tell him encouragingly as I step up behind him.

Unlike Rudolph, Prancer likes long strokes and doesn’t much like his prostate messed with; it over-stimulates him. I push in and begin to stroke rhythmically.

“Mmm,” he sighs, adjusting his stance a bit so that I can hit a little deeper inside of him.

“Is that itch—mmf—getting better?” I ask between thrusts.

He moans softly and says, “Yeah…getting there.”

His prick erupts a few strokes later, but I stay inside of him, flexing and relaxing my cock.

He sighs contentedly and steps forward. I slide off his back and put my hooves on the ground. He deftly reaches under his belly and cleans himself up—mostly. I only have to take care of the spot in the middle of his chest.

“Thanks,” he says, a bit embarrassed, and walks briskly back to the group, albeit a little less stiffly than before.

“Poor guy,” I muse. “All this time, and he’s still embarrassed by his sexuality.” I shake my head.

Looking up, my mouth drops. “Vixen! No—no, Vixen! No!”

I run up to him and nudge him with my antlers to get him off of poor Comet, who’s sweating with gritted teeth as the insatiable bottom mounts him in a half-baked attempt to get him in the mood.

“Come on, Vixen,” I say, quickly herding him off to the side. “Whoa, hey!” I yelp as he tries to mount me. “Take it easy. Just get into position!”

The desperately horny reindeer slides off my back and practically melts into a leg-spread, butt-dropped position. Good thing I took care of Dancer first…Poor guy wouldn’t stand a chance! I quickly mounted him and began thrusting hard. Wrapping my forelegs around the randy reindeer, I stroked his hard and drippy cock in time to my thrusts.

“Oh! Ahh! Ohh!” he cried. His hips shot forward, and I felt his cock throb against my hoof. I gave it a squeeze for good measure and slid off.

Sated, Vixen trotted off looking much-relieved, but he didn’t say a word. He always was kinda like that: use me and take me for granted. Spoiled, self-absorbed jerk. Oh, well. At least he’s pretty. I sighed as I approached the group. Just three more to go.

Poor Blitzen was finally living up to Donner’s accusations, slowly sidling up to try to mount Rudolph as their exercises continued.

“Come on, buddy,” I said him as I led him off.

He didn’t take much coaxing…or overture. We were hardly ten steps away from the group when I suddenly felt his weight on my back. I gasped and gritted my teeth as he hit my perineum. I quickly got into position, spreading my legs, lowering my butt, and moving my tail aside. His next thrust hit home and shoved me forward a bit. I felt my cock throbbing with desire, but it wasn’t quite time, yet. Just two more…just two more! I told myself.

I think Blitzen took some lessons from Vixen; he didn’t say anything either when he left. I didn’t dwell too much on it, though. Most of the guys were really grateful, and maybe Blitzen was just in the zone, you know?

“Oh, shit!” I yelped as I turned around.

I ran over as quickly as I could and began pushing Cupid off of Comet. The crazy reindeer’s ass was pressed up and rubbing side-to-side against his partner’s side.

“Nono, Cupid!” I said, jabbing him with my antlers to get him to move off.

“Oh, Luke!” he gasped, turning his butt towards my antlers. “Thank goodness!”

“We need to get away from the group,” I said firmly.

But my firmness flopped as his ass found one of my tines and pressed up and around it, sucking it into him. My jaw dropped in shock. “Cupid!” I gasped.

“Oh, just let him do it!” Comet grunted as he continued the workout. “For goodness’s sake, let him get it out of his system!”

“Fine,” I said, frowning and chuckling at the same time. Comet was riding my antler for all he was worth, his cock throbbing furiously. With a little nudge from me, he went over the edge and shot his cum so hard it hit the back of Blitzen’s legs. Fortunately, having just gotten off, the reindeer in front didn’t notice.

I’ll clean him up later, I thought to myself. For being ungrateful, let him wear Comet’s cum for a bit. What? I can be feisty, too!

“Ungh,” Comet groaned blissfully. “Thanks, Luke.”

“Um…anytime?” I said, glancing at my antler.

“Must be my turn by now,” Comet said, glancing at me, his prick already out.

“Sure is,” I replied. My own prick was out a little bit, too.

“Save me for last?” he asked, chuckling.

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“Well, let’s go do it, then,” he said. He actually led me away from the group.

“You don’t have to, you know,” I said.

“I know, but I like it when you get off,” he replied. “Spread ’em; I don’t have much time.”

I shuddered in anticipation and did as told. I really like Comet. The others are—mostly—polite, but Comet is the only one who really wants to make me feel good—he gets off on it. I glanced over my shoulder as I slowly and seductively raised my tail for him.

“Damn, you’re good at that,” he grunted, his prick dribbling even before it made it out of his sheath.

He stood behind me and leaned into me, trying to shove me forward. I braced myself with my front hooves and pushed back against him. My cock throbbed in anticipation, leaking a bit of my arousal down my shaft and down my balls to dribble on the snow below us.

“Excited, huh?” Comet breathed.

With a leap, he pressed his hips up against me. His cock slid in easily until I could feel the heat of his balls against mine.

“Ohh,” I gasped, my cock throbbing so hard that my ass tensed in time around his cock.

“They’ve got you really pent-up, yeah?” he asked as he pulled back.

I felt something on my pricked shuddered ecstatically as his hoof stroked me. He began to thrust in time to his stroking, and I could feel his girth pressing against my anus, spreading it open for him. I clamped down reflexively, and he bucked a bit.

“Careful, or you’ll get me off too soon,” he warned.

It’s always been a bit of a miniature battle of wills between us, but ultimately I always have to let him win so he can get back to his training. I reluctantly surrendered to the feel of his hoof on my prick, his prick in my ass, and his weight on my haunches. His thrusts masterfully stroked my prostate, and I could feel myself on the edge.

“Oh, Comet,” I breathed, “I’m gonna—”

“Let it go, Luke,” he said. “Just let it go.”

I felt my balls tense and warmth spread up my abdomen. With a whimper, I felt my balls begin to drain themselves all over my chest, the backs of my front legs, and the snow under me. My ass clamped down, and I suddenly felt Comet’s seed join the rest. It’s probably all in my head, but I always thought his was hotter; it filled me with warm happiness.

But good things must come to an end, and he dismounted.

“Wait,” I said as he turned to go.

He stopped and turned, and I reached up to nuzzle his face. To my surprise, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me passionately.

“See you tonight,” he said with a wink as he walked back to join the group.

You always hear about the guys in the songs and the stories, but Santa has ten reindeer. One of us has to lurk in the background, tending the others. That’s my job. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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