I’ve noticed in my writing that I have a tendency to drone on a bit.  It’s not that I’m repetitive or overly wordy, but I do tend to add a lot of details about things I have to say.  So, I’m going to try something different: I’m going to try to write an erotic microfiction.  A microfiction is limited to 50 words or less.  For reference, by the end of this sentence, I’ll have used 75 words.  So they’re short—very short—so every word has to count, and there’s not a lot of space for background.  Let’s begin.

When Red grew into beautiful womanhood, the wolf couldn’t wait anymore; he smelled her heat as she passed and made his move.  Donning sleeping Granny’s clothes, the wolf greeted Red at the door.  It wasn’t his big teeth that made Red gasp.  She would have to visit “Granny” more often.

Boo-yah!  50 words exactly!

This was kinda fun, but I have to admit, two sentences of innuendo was not very satisfying to write.  Granted, it gets the mind stirring and thinking about what could be happening, but details are a bit more fun.  Still, I might do some more of these on days when I can’t be bothered to write 15K words…or 5K words…or 500 words…

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