Anything I Can Do

A friend of mine and I were talking, and he said, “You know what’d make a really good story?” Well, I won’t give it away, but suffice to say, I agreed that it would make a really good story, and here’s the result.  I haven’t proofread it at all; it’s hot off the press, just-written.  Y’all let me know what you think…

John leaned against the fence, watching the mares in their pasture. Some chased each other off, while others grazed on their own, minding their own business. But a common energy united them all: it was that time of month, their foals had all been weaned, and it was time for a new batch.

John could see it in the way they winked at each other. Most did it subtly, like an involuntary muscle reflex that just happened as they grazed, but some were more overt about it, lifting their tails, squatting, and pissing for the more alpha mares. Some of these took the bait and mounted their horny pasture mates, but most just pinned their ears and ran the lesser mares off: they were themselves horny, and impotently mounting other mares would only make it worse.

What the mares didn’t know but that John did was that the stallion who had long served the ranch had been retired and sent to another ranch. He’d sired some beautiful, smart, and strong foals, but the ranch was now saturated with his genes, and the owners didn’t want any incestuous relations. Finding a suitable stud worthy of being his successor had proven more difficult than anybody expected, and this was the result: a bunch of horny mares milling around in anticipation of something that wouldn’t be forthcoming anytime in the near future.

John felt sorry for them.

Now, what the mares knew but John didn’t was that just as he was watching them, someone was watching him from behind.

And making the decision that he’d do nicely.

“Hi, John, right?”

John jumped a little bit at the voice, turning to see a pretty lady with long sandy-brown hair.

“I, um, yes,” he replied, turning to face her. “I hope I’m not intruding; I just like watching the horses.”

“No, no, not a problem at all!” the woman said cheerfully. She extended her hand. “I’m Jessica,” she said by way of introduction. “I’m one of the trainers.

John nodded and smiled. “Pleased to meet you,” he said. “I’ve seen you giving lessons before.”

Jessica nodded. “The reason I came over was to ask if you’d help me with something.” She gestured toward the barn.

“Sure! Anything I can do to be of help,” John said elatedly. I’m going to get to help with horse stuff! Awesome!

John didn’t have any real experience with horses; he was drawn to them but couldn’t afford even to take lessons. He’d always settled for watching them from a distance and occasionally scratching one if she came within reach. But how was his chance to actually be involved!

Jessica led him off to the barn. It was bigger in person than it looked from a distance. He frowned slightly as she led him past all the stalls and into an office. He hadn’t anticipated that the barn needed clerical help.

“What did you need help with?” he asked curiously, taking a seat in front of a large wooden desk.

“Oh, we’ll get to that in a minute,” Jessica said. “But first I have to get you to sign a waiver saying that you release us from liability if you get hurt while here. It’s just a standard form that management makes everybody fill out before they can come on the property.”

“Oh, okay,” John said.

Jessica handed him the form and a pen, and a John signed it without bothering to read it. He didn’t notice how tense Jessica looked when she handed him the form or how relieved she looked when he handed it back to her.

“Okay, great!” she said, quickly tucking the form away in a file cabinet. She stood and gestured towards the door.

John followed her out of the office, through the barn aisle, and into a very large stall. He stopped abruptly. “What the hell is that?!” he asked, staring at a large piece of machinery suspended from the ceiling. It looked like some kind of futuristic space laser or something that had no business in a horse barn.

“That’s what we need your help with,” Jessica said casually, reaching behind him to close the stall door. It latched closed with a resounding thud.

“Well, uh, I’m happy to help,” John said nervously. The slam of the door behind him was not reassuring. “What can I do?”

“Oh, it’s really easy,” Jessica said as she stepped behind a partition in the stall for a minute.

The laser turned on with a soft whirring noise, and John’s heart skipped a beat.

“I need to calibrate this,” Jessica explained, stepping into the middle of the room and inviting John to join her. The laser was right above them. “Do you see that little light up there, right next to the pointy thing?” She asked, pointing.

John squinted and nodded.

“I need to make some adjustments until that light turns from yellow to green. I can do it myself, but it’s really tedious going back and forth to check it, then adjust it, then check it again. I figured since you were here, I’d get your help, if you wouldn’t mind, and it’d go a lot faster.”

“Oh, okay,” John said, visibly relieved but a little disappointed. He’d hoped to help with the horses somehow. “So I just tell you what color the light is?”

Jessica nodded and stepped to the side. “Yeah,” she said, gently moving him by the shoulders to stand right under the device. “You need to stand right under it, or it will throw the calibration off. Will you do that for me?”

John nodded and smiled. “Sure,” he said. If nothing else, she’s easy on the eyes, he thought to himself.

Jessica stepped back behind the partition, and the machine suddenly made a loud clunking noise. The whirring got louder.

“Don’t worry about the noise,” Jessica called out over the din. “It’s just warming up for calibration.”

“What does this thing do?” John called back, but Jessica must not have heard him.

“Okay, what color is it?” She called.

“It’s still yellow,” John hollered back.

There was a clank from the machine, and the pointy laser thing shifted a little forward of him.

“How about now?” Jessica called.

“Still yello—wait, no, now it’s red,” John called back.

Another clank, and the laser moved back a bit.


“Green. Perfect!”

“Okay, great. Now one more calibration. How about now?”

The light had turned yellow again, John told her.

With another clank, the laser head moved to the left. The light turned red.

“It’s red,” John called out.

The head moved to the right, and the light turned green.

“It’s green!” John called out.

“Okay, great! Be right there,” Jessica called.

Suddenly John saw a bright light come from the laser, and he felt his body grow warm and pleasantly tingly. His skin glowed.

“Uh, Jessica?” John called out nervously, “is it supposed to do that?” He was so transfixed by what was happening that he didn’t think to step out of the way.

A moment later, the laser stopped, and Jessica stepped out.

“Thanks, John!” she said, squeezing his bicep appreciatively through his shirt. “That saved me a good hour!”

“What was that?” John asked.

“What was what?” Jessica asked intently.

“That light, that feeling…” John trailed off and then looked at her expectantly.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it,” Jessica said reassuringly. She led him out of the stall. He wasn’t sure why she’d closed the door behind them before, but everything seemed okay now, and he was glad to have been helpful.

“Oh, one other thing,” Jessica said. John raised his eyebrows curiously. “I know you like watching the horses, but did you ever want to pet one? I figure it’s the least I can do for your help…”

John’s eyes lit up, and a huge grin spread across his face. “Yeah! I’d love to!” he said enthusiastically.

Jessica laughed and led him to another stall. In it was a big, bay mare. She looked up from grazing, looking over her shoulder at them when they entered. As soon as she saw him, she spread her legs and lifted her tail.

“Esmeralda!” Jessica laughed, “That’s a mighty fine way to greet someone new!” Turning to John, she chucked, “I’m sorry; we lost our last stud, and now the mares are all beside themselves.” She gestured to Esmeralda, motioning for John to approach.

The mare turned to face him and sniffed his face curiously. John snickered and moved his hand forward to pet her. He could feel the strength in her neck as she continued to check him out. Her coat was shiny and soft; it felt good under his fingers. He found himself scratching her harder and harder.

Suddenly, she reached forward and began gently mouthing his shoulder in time to his scratching, scratching him back.

“Aww, she likes you!” Jessica laughed. “I’ll leave you two to it.” She stepped out of the stall and closed and latched it behind her.

John continued to scratch the mare, delighting in the closeness he felt when she scratched him back.  It wasn’t long before he wanted to bite her back, to use his teeth to really scratch her shoulder.  He slowly buried his face in her shoulder and then began gently working his jaw, not caring about the horse hair that got in his mouth.

He didn’t really notice how she seemed to shrink, how he had to lean his head down to keep scratching her, how his hands moved under him and his fingers merged together and hardened to become hooves.  He didn’t notice how he suddenly could smell her better, could interpret things that he’d never have guessed before, like just how long it had been since she’d been bred.  One year, twenty-five days, her body seemed to tell him.

And for her part, Esmeralda didn’t do anything to tell John about how he was changing, either.  That is, until the transformation was complete.

To John, it had been a wonderful way to spend…however long it was.  He’d loved on a horse; she’d loved back on him, and he felt utterly peaceful.  But when he went to take a step back, something suddenly wasn’t right.

Where are my hands?! He asked, suddenly panicked.  He backed up awkwardly, not used to walking on four hooves, and quickly bumped into the wall of the stall behind him.   He turned to try to get away, but without hands, he couldn’t get the door open.

“Jessica!  Jessica, help!” he cried out, but all that came from his lips were panicked whinnies.

It was now that Esmeralda decided to let on that she knew what was going on.  She backed up to where her butt was right next to John’s equine muzzle.

John quit screaming immediately.  That smell was overpowering.  Without even thinking, he lifted his upper lip.  And then the smell was really overpowering.  He moved his muzzle under her tail.  She squatted and pissed for him.  His cock immediately emerged from his sheath and swayed under him.  He could think of nothing else now: he needed to be inside of her.  He nudged her butt and nipped at her hocks to get her to take a step forward, and then as soon as she was clear, he leapt up on her, thrusting hard with his hips.

His cock stabbed her backside a few times, but then it abruptly found home, and he plunged into her up to his balls.  Her velvety, moist, hot vulva squeezed around his cock as she pushed back, driving him deeper into her.  He grunted and whinnied at the feeling, and then his balls contracted, his tail flagged, and he shot his genes deep into her womb.  His head felt cloudy, and he rested on her back just a moment before dismounting, his cock pulling out and letting a flood of his semen flow out of Esmeralda’s now-sated pussy before slurping back up into his sheath.

With that urgent need now taken care of, John felt his wits return to him.  Oh, shit!  I just fucked a horse! He cursed himself.  What the fuck?!  Jessica will be furious!  I’ll never be able to watch the horses again!  What if she calls the police?!  He began to pant, his huge chest and barrel heaving, to the point that Esmeralda nickered at him curiously.  She, of course, was feeling great: it had been so long since she’d been bred, and John had definitely done the job.

John was just about to whinny out for Jessica again when he caught her out of the corner of his eye, looking smug.  The hell?  He turned to face her.

“Well, John, it looks like you’ve got the gist of your new role here,” she said with a wry smile.

“But what happened to me?  Why am I a horse?” John tried to ask, but all that came out was a series of grunts, snorts, and half-whinnies.

Jessica put her hand up and shook her head.  “Don’t try to talk, John,” she said.  “You can’t.  But I assume you’re wondering why you’re a horse.  Stomp your foot once for yes, and two for no.”

John stomped once.

Jessica nodded.  “I’m afraid I haven’t been completely honest with you,” she said.  “The help we needed wasn’t to calibrate the laser; that was just a distraction to get you under it.”

John snorted.  Figures.

“What we really need from you, John, is for you to keep doing what you just did: knocking up all the mares.  As you know, our last stud left, and we needed some new genes.  I’ve been watching you watch the horses for a few months now, and in our last staff meeting, I suggested that we use your genes.

“But I didn’t say you could!” John snorted and huffed.

“You should read what you sign, John,” Jessica said, giving him a knowing wink.  “While we do get everybody to sign an indemnity form, that was not what you signed.  It was printed in big letters at the top: ‘Breeding Agreement’.”

John hesitated.

“Since you didn’t bother to read it, I’ll tell you what it said: basically, you agreed to be turned into a horse, you agreed to live here as a horse until all of the mares are bred, and you agree to service each of them as many times as it takes to ensure they all carry your foals.”

John’s jaw—even as a horse—dropped.

“You are such a sweet guy,” Jessica laughed.  “But not too bright.  Fortunately, your predecessor was about as bright as they come.  He could be a bit of an asshole, though.  We picked you for your disposition and work ethic, not your brains.  Hopefully with your genes in the mix, your foals will have it all: beauty, brains, work ethic, and sweet disposition.”

John flicked his tail.

“Oh, come now, it’s not that bad,” Jessica chided him.  “Your first one went flawlessly, and I must say,” Jessica gushed, “you certainly are a big boy.  You must’ve been pretty well-off as a human.”  She glanced to either side to make sure nobody was around and then leaned forward and whispered, “if you behave yourself, I might let you take me after we get you turned back human.”

John’s ears pricked up, and his cock peeked out of his sheath.  He fidgeted, wanting to cover himself, but that wasn’t possible in the stall.

“Don’t be bashful, John,” Jessica teased.  “Your whole job here is to be a stud.  If you’ll agree to behave yourself, I’ll let you go get started.  Do you understand?”

John stomped once.

“Good.  Now, there are going to be some ground rules,” she said.  “No kicking at the mares, and no leaving any marks on them.  You can bite them to get a grip or to tease them, but I don’t want you being aggressive.  You be a gentleman.  Understand?”

John stomped again.

“Good boy.  Now some of the mares are virgins, so they’re not going to know what’s going on.  I want you to be extra gentle with them because if this gets scary, it’ll be harder to breed them in the future.  Not all of them are going to be as willing as Esmeralda here, but you just take your time and get them in the mood.  Understand?”

John stomped again, but then he hesitated and stomped twice.

“Problem, John?” Jessica asked.

John moved his lips and made incoherent horse noises.

Jessica just laughed.  “You can’t speak, John.  Let’s see if we can figure out what’s on your mind.  Do you agree to be gentle?”

John stomped once.

“Are you unsure about the virgins?”

One stomp.

“Are you wanting to know how you know which ones are virgins?”

Two stomps.

“Do you want to be aggressive with the virgins?”

Two emphatic stomps.

“Are you unsure about how to treat the virgins?”

One stomp.

“Well, gently, John.  I said that earlier.”

Two stomps.

“Yes, I did.”

John huffed.

“Hmm.  Let’s try again.”  Jessica thought about it a minute.  “You want to know how to get the virgins in the mood, don’t you?” she asked at length.

One stomp and a relieved sigh.

“Ohh, okay,” Jessica chuckled.  “Tell you what, when it comes to that, I’ll go out with you and coach you.  Some of it will come naturally, but some of it I might be able to guide you on.  Fair?”

One stomp.

“All right.  Let’s go meet the ladies.”

Jessica opened the door, and John moved forward to leave, but Jessica pushed on his neck.  “Uh, uh, John.  Back up.  There’s a good boy.”

John looked at her, perplexed.

“You’ve got to wear a halter, John, just like any stud.  Even though it’s you, we can’t have you running around the mare’s paddock without supervision.

John would have blushed, if he’d been able.  He didn’t know Jessica was watching him when he’d taken Esmeralda; he didn’t know if he’d be able to mount anybody with Jessica literally holding his lead.

His thoughts were quickly interrupted, however, as Jessica fastened the halter onto his face and clipped a lead rope to it.

“Now you just take it nice and easy, John,” Jessica warned.  “No funny business, or I’ll have to use the crop on you, and I don’t want to do that.  Understand?”

John stomped.

She stepped through the door and led John out.  Esmeralda continued grazing on the hay in her stall; she had everything she wanted and no particular reason to leave.

They walked down the long aisle of the barn, and when they came to the end, Jessica opened a gate and led him through.  He could smell the mares all around; their arousal flooded his senses and made him feel dizzy.  He felt his cock drop all on its own as he felt himself led up to a mare.  She leaned forward, and John shared breath with her.

“Oh, fucking finally!” her breath seemed to say.  “Don’t waste any time, big guy!  Get up on top of me right now!”  Her body language seemed to agree, because she whirled to put her butt in his face, spilling her aroused urine down her legs as she went.

It was too much for John.  He didn’t even need to raise his lip or tease her; he leapt right up onto her back and immediately hit home, driving himself deeply into her.

“Fuck, yes!” she whinnied out, and John felt her clamp around his cock.

“Fuuuck!” John screamed as his tail flagged and he felt his balls contract again, flooding her insides with his seed.  He huffed and slid off her backside.  She winked as his jism spilled out of her.

“Don’t go too far,” she seemed to say.  “I’m gonna want round two pretty soon.”

But it wasn’t up to John.  He felt his lead rope being tugged and suddenly came back to himself.

“Very nicely done, John,” Jessica was saying.  “Two down, sixty-two to go.”

John’s eyes bulged.  Sixty-two?!  There’s no way…

“Not all at once, of course!” Jessica laughed.  “It’ll probably be a few days before everybody is done with round one.”


“Some of the mares don’t take the first time, John,” Jessica told him.  “Not even from a big stud like you.”  She grazed his belly, her fingers trailing over his sheath.

John snorted lustily.

“Well, well, two rounds down and already raring for a third, huh?” Jessica laughed.  “This might not take as long as I thought!”  She looked around the pasture.  Several mares had begun walking purposefully over toward him after catching a whiff of his cum spilling out of his most recent mare.

“Let’s see just how many you can do,” Jessica said.  “Queue forms here, ladies!” she called out to the mares.

They jostled for  position with the most alpha of them soon asserting herself over the others and presenting herself for John.  Her tail raised and listed off to the side.  Her vulva winked at him, and she looked over her shoulder as if to say, “Like what you see?  Time to pay up!”

And John did just as the alpha mare ordered: he jumped up behind her and pushed himself inside.  But this mare was used to doing things her way.  She took a step forward, pulling John partly out of herself, and John had to step forward to push back inside.  Abruptly she stepped back, and John could feel her skin against his balls.  He came instantly with a delirious whinny of ecstasy.

“Not bad,” the mare told him, “but next time, I get off first!”  She flicked her tail and told the next mare, “You’re up.”

John went through ten of them.  On the tenth one, he slid off and couldn’t see straight.  His cock hung limply, too tired to suck itself back into his sheath.

“Ohh, poor guy!” Jessica laughed, tugging gently on his lead rope.  “Come on, let’s get you out of here before the mares give you death by snu snu!

For once, John actually appreciated the lead rope.  He just let his body follow where it tugged and let his legs walk on auto-pilot.  He’d never had so much sex in his life, let alone all at once!

“Your poor fillies will be so horny,” Jessica mused.  “The last guy could do two in an hour, as long as we gave him a long cool-down between them.  You just did ten of them in thirty minutes.  If your foals inherit your libido…” she trailed off, thinking pityingly about his offspring.

They came back to the gate in the barn, and Jessica quickly led him through before the mares could pursue them.  Several leaned against the gate, their legs spread and pussies drooling.  “Wait!  What about us?  Don’t go!” they seemed to cry out piteously.

John huffed tiredly.

“You want to breed them, too, don’t you, big guy?” Jessica said compassionately.  She reached down to stroke his partly exposed cock.

John winced and lifted his leg defensively.  Jessica backed up swiftly and put her hands up.

“Whoa—whoa, there, John,” she said nervously.  “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to push it with you.”

John relaxed and put his hoof down.

“So what was the huff for, then?” she asked, reaching forward to scratch his withers.

John just looked at her.  He’d roll his eyes if he could.  Even he had learned that he couldn’t tell her that it was not wanting the mares to feel so desperate but being too tired to help them that had elicited his huff.

Jessica put him into a stall and tossed some hay and grain in for him.  He immediately went to an auto-waterer and began drinking his fill.

“Take it slow, John,” Jessica warned him.  “Don’t want you to founder on your first day!”

John sighed and obeyed, slowing his quench of the raging thirst he’d worked up.

“I’ll be back in an hour, John,” Jessica told him.  “Rest up; you’ve got a lot more mares to take care of!”  She took off his halter and stepped out of the stall, closing the door behind her.

The idea of eating hay or grain had never crossed John’s mind before, but he felt his stomach gurgle and realized he was starving.  The hay smelled good—maybe not to eat, but definitely worth getting a closer whiff of—and as soon as his nose touched the dried grass, his lips seized it with a mind of their own and began devouring it mouthful after mouthful.

After making it halfway through the hay, John realized he was bored.  Hay in, chew, chew, chew, swallow.  Hay in, lather, rinse, repeat.  He decided to check out the grain.  It also smelled good, but in a different way: like how a brownie and a steak both smell good but for different reasons.  He stuck his muzzle in the feed pan, and his eyes went wide.  This smelled good!  His lips deftly sucked a mouthful in, and he devoured all of the grain before he even realized it.

And then there was hay.

Oh, well, John shrugged to himself—or would have, if horses could shrug.  He took a drink of water and then went back to dutifully munching on the hay.  Bite after bite, it slowly disappeared, until there was none left.

His belly full and his thirst sated, John cocked a back hoof and nodded off to sleep.


“John…Joooohn?  Are you awake in there?”

The voice seemed to come from far away.  John opened his eyes blearily and stretched.

“Man, what a weird dream,” he mumbled to himself.  But only horse noises came out.

John was wide awake.  Oh, shit, it wasn’t a dream!  He reflexively kicked at his stall and bolted forward, only to be stopped by the door.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, John!  Hey!” Jessica called out from the other side of the door.  “John, easy!”  She reached through the grating and rubbed his nose.

Suddenly, John’s thoughts coalesced and he remembered what had happened.  The girl was Jessica, and she’d turned him into a horse so that he could breed the mares.  John shook his head.  It was a silly enough concept that he believed it had to have been a dream, but here he was, a horse, and here she was, talking him down off the ledge where his horse instincts had taken over and he’d bolted inside the stall she’d put him in just a short while before.  It had been a short while, right?

“You had a good nap, it looks like, John,” Jessica said pleasantly to him, continuing to stroke his face.  “Everything coming back to you now?”

John stomped his hoof in acknowledgment.

“Good.  Then you remember that you’ve got a lot of ladies waiting for you, right?”

John stomped again.  His cock, which had finally retreated to his sheath while he was eating, now peeked out again curiously.

“Good, good.  And it looks like you’re ready to go take care of them!” Jessica noted, seeing the stud’s slight arousal.  “All right, John.  You know the drill: halter first.”

John obediently put his head towards the door so that she could put the halter on him, clip the lead rope onto the halter, and lead him out.

“I thought we’d try with some of the fillies,” Jessica told him, leading him the other way down the aisle.  “We’ll let you work with them one-on-one so that the other mares aren’t getting in the way.”

She led him to a round pen.  A filly was already there and came up to him when he was led in.

“Oh, hey, mister,” she said when he came over to share breath with her.  “Something’s happening to me.  I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like I need something.  Something about you tells me that you can give it to me.  Do you know what I need?”

John would have laughed if he’d been human.  The filly’s directness and innocence tickled him.  “Well, I think so,” he said.  “I have to admit, I’m not sure exactly how all this is supposed to work, but let’s see if we can figure it out.”

He moved from her face and nuzzled her shoulder with his lips, nipping the back of her front leg.

“Oh!” the filly gasped.  Her legs spread, and she winked.  “That—that wasn’t it, but”—she sighed—”I think you’re getting closer.”

“Am I?” John asked teasingly.  He moved his nose along her belly, eliciting a squeal of delight from the filly as he nipped in front of her back legs.

“Ohh!” the filly cried.  “What is that?” she asked breathily as her arousal dribbled down her legs.

“That’s your body,” John said huskily, “saying that you want to stop being a filly and become a mare.”  His cock throbbed hard, and it was everything he could do not to leap on her right then and there.

“Easy, John,” Jessica warned.  John had forgotten she was there, but now that he thought about it, he could smell her arousal, too.  She’s a voyeur.  That’s hot.

“Would you like to become a mare?” John asked the filly.

She seemed to nod.  “I think so,” she said.  “But I’m not sure.”

“Let’s see if I can convince you,” John said.  He moved back further and stuck his nose up under her tail.

The filly let loose a stream of excited piss, and John almost blacked out from anticipation.  But instead of mounting her, he stuck his tongue out and licked her pussy from bottom to top, letting his tongue slip between her lips and tease her clit.  She groaned and let out another stream right onto John’s tongue.

“Ohh!  Fuck, mister!” the filly cried out piteously.  “I don’t know what becoming a mare is, but do it!  Do it to me!  Please, right now!  I can’t stand it anymore!”

John needed no other encouragement.  “Just be still, and it’ll be over soon,” he told her kindly before his mind clouded over.  He leapt up onto her, and although she was a bit skittish, she stood for him.  He poked a couple of times and then found his mark.

“Ow!” the filly cried as he severed her hymen.  But her whinny of pain quickly became a squeal of pleasure as she felt his thick cock pushing into her, filling her full.  Her body clamped down on him, and he doused her insides with his seed.

Both filly and stallion basked in the afterglow a few moments before John slid down off her back.

“Ohh, mister,” the filly said in a voice that quivered with ecstasy, “I hope you’ll make a mare of me again sometime.”

“It would be my pleasure,” John nickered back to her as she was led out, her tail held high and their shared orgasmic fluids painting the insides of her legs.

“John,” Jessica said, her voice husky, “that was so unnatural.  I’ve never seen a stud lick a filly’s pussy before, but…mmf!”—she squirmed and squeezed her legs together—”It did the trick.  She glanced around and said, “I can’t wait until we turn you human again.  I need you to take care of me right now.  No fucking; just licking.  Think you can do that?”

John snorted; his cock had been out since he first heard the tone of her voice, but reluctantly he let it slide back into his sheath.  He stomped once.

“Such a perfect gentleman,” Jessica cooed.  “Such a selfless, perfect gentleman.”  She tossed a square bale into the round pen and stepped inside.  Not standing on ceremony, she unzipped her boots and took them off, laying them next to the bale.  She stripped  her jodhpurs off and lay them on top of her boots, and lastly, she took off her panties and tossed them on her jodhpurs.

Her smell immediately overwhelmed John, and he shook his head to keep it from clouding over.  His cock thrust itself back out, despite his efforts.  He gave several warning stamps; he couldn’t hold it together.

“John, what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.  John backed away and turned his back to her, deeply inhaling the fresh air to calm his mind.  At last he sighed and turned around again, careful to keep out of scent range.

“Don’t you want this?” Jessica asked, looking hurt.

John stamped emphatically.

“Then why don’t you take it?” Jessica pressed, looking at him curiously.

John stamped twice, then paused, then stamped twice again.  “No, no!”

“Are you afraid you’ll hurt me?” Jessica asked.

John stamped.

“Will you try to fuck me?” she asked.

John hesitated.  He stomped once, then twice, then once, then twice.

Jessica smiled wanly.  “You don’t think you can control it, do you?” she asked.  She sighed.  “Well, all right,” she said wistfully, putting her clothes back on.

With her clothes back on, the smell wasn’t quite so overpowering.  She came over to John and petted his nose.

“Thank you,” she said, “for being a gentleman and looking out for me, even after I tricked you into turning into a horse.”

John sighed.  The idea of using his size to take advantage of her was unconscionable, unthinkable to him.  But he liked the feel of her hand on his nose.

“I’m sorry to do this, John,” Jessica told him, continuing to pet his nose, “but it was bound to happen eventually.  I need you to breed Bertha.”

John pricked his ears up curiously.

“She’s…well, she’s not very nice to the studs,” Jessica said.  “I think she hates all guys, men included, and I think she hates the fact that she goes into heat even more.  I guess she feels like her body’s betraying her.  As a result”—Jessica sighed—”she takes it out on her suitors until she’s bred.  She’s a little better afterwards, but…just be careful, okay?”

John swallowed and gave a hesitant hoof-stomp.

“No halter for this one, John.  I want you to be able to get out of the way if you need to.  Just, take care of you, okay?” Jessica said, looking into his eyes.

John stomped his hoof.

Jessica disappeared and came back moments later with a huge chestnut mare who, as soon as she saw John, alternately stopped and squatted and pinned her ears and bared her teeth at him.  John quickly retreated to the back of the round pen to let her get inside and settled.

That did not take long.  As soon as the door latched, the mare took off after him, ears pinned, trying to kick at him.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, easy, you crazy bitch!” John cried as he did his best to stay out of range of her flying hooves.

You!  You look like a horse but talk like a man!” Bertha snarled.  “I hate men!”

“Look, lady, I dunno what they did to you, but I’m not them,” John retorted, dodging as a hoof sailed past his ear.

“You’re all the same, you men,” Bertha lashed out venomously.  “Feel me up, breed me, get your rocks off, and go.  Leave me hornier than I was before we started!”  She aimed a kick at John’s crotch, which he quickly dodged.

“Look, Bertha, I’m sorry, okay?  I’ve only been a horse for like an hour and a half, but I promise, if you stop kicking at me and just talk this out like civilized…erm…horses…I’ll do whatever I can to try to get you off, okay?  I’m not gonna lie; these hormones are super strong—like blackout strong—but if it’ll prove to you that I’m not one of them, I’ll do it, okay?”

“Promises, promises!” Bertha spat.

The battle waged for a good hour before Bertha was finally too tired to kick anymore.  John was glad for the chance to rest.

“Shall we get this over with?” he asked matter-of-factly.  “They’re not gonna let us out of here until we do, and your pussy isn’t gonna stop winking until I put my cock in it.”

“Yeah, fine, whatever,” Bertha said begrudgingly.  “Hopefully you’re bigger than the last prick that got stuck in me.”

“Promise not to kick me?” John asked warily.

Bertha sighed.

“Bertha, I’m not gonna mount you until you promise not to kick me,” John pressed.  “I’ve been as nice as I can be to you, given the circumstances, and I’m just asking for you to return the favor.”

“Okay, fine,” Bertha snapped tiredly.  “I promise not to kick you.”

“Okay,” John said.

Despite Bertha’s blustering, her physical display of arousal was more pronounced than any of the other mares or fillies had been so far.  Her tail listed higher and further to the side, and her pussy winked almost violently.  John couldn’t help but be aroused now that she was standing for him.

“Bertha?” John asked.

“What?” the mare replied flatly.

“I’m gonna try something.  Tell me if this feels good, but don’t kick me, okay?”

“I said I wouldn’t!” Bertha protested, but her protest ended in a slight gasp.  “Ohh.”

John licked inside of Bertha, letting his tongue tease over her clit before slurping itself deeper inside to tease her G-spot.

Bertha grunted.  “Oh!” she cried as her juices flooded out around John’s tongue.

He felt his head getting cloudy, but he sucked his tongue in, gritted his teeth, and willed himself to stay in control.  He stuck his tongue back out and lapped at her again, massaging the inside and outside of her pussy.

“Ohh, John,” Bertha mumbled as another orgasm shook her body, “thank you.”  Her body language suddenly looked not only non-threatening but receptive.  “You can breed me now,” she hinted.

John took the invitation and mounted her.  Once he was inside, she clamped down, and she was violent!  He screamed out in surprise and over-stimulated ecstasy as she squeezed him so hard that it stopped his cum for a second before letting it explode out of him.  Without thinking, he bit her neck—hard.

“Such a man,” Bertha rumbled under him, but her tone was different, almost dreamy.

John was glad she wasn’t mad about the bite; he wasn’t ready to let go, yet.  His tail flagged and he shot her full of foals and then let go of her neck and slid off her with a groan.

No sooner was he off her back than Bertha turned around abruptly.  John was too tired to move quickly, so he just winced, bracing himself for her to bite him.  Instead, she smiled and nuzzled his shoulder.  “You do that every time we breed,” she said, “and I’ll be your friend forever.”  She began to scratch his shoulder with her teeth, and John, caught off guard, smiled and scratched her back.

“Wow.  That was”—Jessica began, shaking her head in amazement—”I’ve never seen her do that before.  She gets to where she can be bred, but she never actually shows affection to anyone!  You must be quite the ladies’ stallion, John,” she teased.

John nickered and beamed.

“I saw you holding yourself back, John,” Jessica hinted.  “I saw you wanting to just mount her and be done with it at the end, but you didn’t.  You held it back.”  She stroked his belly and let her hand graze down to his sheath.

John held his breath and felt his cock stir.

“I think you have more self-control than you give yourself credit for,” Jessica continued, stroking his cock as it emerged.  I think you could get me off if you put your mind to it.”  She looked at him plaintively.  “Won’t you give it a chance?  I trust you, John.  Won’t you trust yourself?”

John sighed.  He did want to get her off.  Of course, he wanted to fuck her silly, too, and as a human, no less, but since that wasn’t going to happen, he could at least see what she tasted like…  He gave a tentative stomp.

“Thank you, John!” Jessica beamed, wrapping her arms around his neck.  In no time, she’d kicked off her clothes again and sat on the hay bale.

“Okay, John,” she said.  “Take it slowly; don’t overwhelm yourself,” she said encouragingly.

John stepped forward.  Already he could smell her and could feel the fog at the corners of his mind, trying to make him succumb to blind instinct.  He fought it off and took another step forward.  She was beautiful, he thought, and her shaven sex was so perfectly formed, with the clitoris already sticking up in arousal.  He felt his cock throb hard.

An idea suddenly came to him, and he smiled to himself.  He knew how he was going to get through this.

Emboldened by his idea, he stepped up to her.  Jessica gasped in surprise at his sudden forwardness as he leaned his head down to graze her vaginal lips with his mouth.  The skin was soft and supple, and it smelled and tasted like human arousal.  His lip curled up and he let himself bask in the fog of carnal instinct.  Without warning, he thrust his tongue up inside of her, and she cried out in surprise and shocked bliss.  His tongue drove further into her, mercilessly rubbing her G-spot and seeking her cervix.  Still deeper he pressed as she moaned and gasped, impaled by the equine tongue.

When he felt himself bottom out, he knew what he had to do.  He began to flick his hard cock against his belly.  As he did, he stroked her insides with his tongue in time to his flicking.  Jessica’s breathing turned ragged, and a whimper escaped her lips.

“Oh, nono,” she moaned, feeling her orgasm drawing near.  “No, it’s too soon,” she mumbled breathlessly.

But John’s tongue was relentless and would not be denied by her.  As she scooted further up on the hay bale to get away from him, he pressed on ever further, ever deeper.

Jessica’s climax hit.  With a cry, she gripped the hay bale in desperation, and John’s tongue flicked out to mercilessly rub her clit.  Jessica screamed, sending John over the edge.  His belly-slapping finally paid off, and he showered her with his cum as his own climax roared through him.  Jessica collapsed on the hay bale, her hair a mess and her body covered in sweat and horse jizz.

“Fuck, John,” Jessica mumbled hazily in the afterglow.  John licked her pussy, and she squirmed and closed her legs tightly.  “You’re a naughty horse,” she murmured.

At last, she picked herself up, brushed the hair and hay out of her face, and kissed John on the nose.  “You’re a good boy, and a great man,” she said appreciatively to him.  “Let’s get you back to your stall.  I think you’ve had enough for one day.”

John snorted out a chuckle and stomped once.  He could go again, but after all of the new experiences, he was pretty tired.  Jessica didn’t even put his halter back on.  She just led him to his stall, gave him fresh grain and hay, and told him good night.

There’d be hell to pay when he turned human again, John mused, but for now, this was a pretty good life.  After he finished his dinner and got a good drink to hold him overnight, he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.  No dream could ever be as good as his life was right now.

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