Idleness is a terrible thing. I told myself I really needed to slow down on commissions and to actually get some sleep at night, but now that I’m out of commissions to do, I don’t know what to do with myself! I blame my parents; they’re both incredibly driven people—in a good way—but being idle drives them crazy, too. I’ve been remiss in posting on here, I know. Maybe I’ll work on some of those daily installments I was doing before everything got busy.

Hmm…oh, bummer news: there’s a guy I’ve been seeing off and on for about a year now, I guess, FWB situation. I finally decided to see if he wanted to try being boyfriends. Long story behind that, but after talking to my most recent ex and realizing that breaking up with him didn’t scar him for life, I figured maybe it was worth risking it again. Long story short, though, he’s seeing someone else. So, bummer on that. I’m kinda floating in relationship-land, now, too.

In good news, though, the farrier came out and worked on Ebony and Ivory. It was Ivory’s first time, and although we only did the front two hooves, she did really well. Lots of petting her and trying to keep her distracted while the farrier worked. On a related note, the farrier and his wife are just the most awesome people. They’re the kind of people you want to invite over for a beer and a barbecue. And I will…once I have a house. 😛

Today wasn’t a complete waste, either. I got a nap, got the dumpster filled (they finally fixed it!), and got the four apple trees planted, irrigated, and mulched.

Let’s see, what else… Furry Fiesta is next weekend, so I’ll be out of pocket for that. We’re gonna be in a new hotel, so if nothing else, exploring promises to be entertaining.

For now, though, a beer, boneless chicken, and a big bowl of ranch dressing…

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