Okay, okay, I know: I’m really remiss in posting on here. One commission turned into another, and between the two, Ive written some 110,000 words. The first commission we decided was good at 30K, and no sooner did I have it finished than I had the details for the next one. I just finished it less than an hour ago, and now here I am.

Besides writing, things have just been busy lately. I dunno if I mentioned it, but I managed to pop the bead on one of the tractor tires, and after talking to my parents, who informed me that those were the original tires that came with the tractor 7 years ago, I decided to replace them. That was last weekend. Well, that and writing. I visited my parents the weekend before that, which took up most of the weekend, and other than that, it’s just been writing feverishly and trying to stay warm. Fuck cold. I hate it. And anybody who says, “I like it” can get the fuck off my blog! No, I’m kidding, but seriously, people underestimate how much I hate the cold. I hate it more than kids and dentists, so that’s got to say something!

No new commissions as of right now, so I might just take a few days to rest…unless a commission comes up. 🙂 Maybe I’ll try to get some of the crap around the property cleaned up. I’ve been too distracted and cold to get much done the last couple of months, so maybe it’s about that time. For the record, though, they still haven’t fixed the dumpster…

Anyway, I’m beat. Time for sleep, but I might do a short story pretty soon. I’ve had a few intriguing ideas lately but haven’t had time to really do anything with them. Or maybe I should work on that novel I was writing and got completely distracted from…

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