Cock raging in pants.
This feeling is bittersweet
While driving to work.

I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been ridiculously busy. I had the bright idea last week to start taking commissions, and I got the first one Tuesday, finished it, got another one Wednesday, finished it, and got another one Thursday: for $800 (80,000 words)! Suffice to say, I’ve been writing a lot. On top of that, the forecast mistakenly made out that it was going to be 0°F on New Year’s, so I ordered a heater and have been spending time in the barn getting it ready to hook it up (it’s 220V / 10KW, so it takes a big breaker). The previous owner had connected a pigtail directly off the power from the meter. Handling live 220VAC is terrifying. I’m just sayin’…

Anyway, it has to be short tonight. There’s a pup play meet tomorrow that I’m going to try out and see if I like it, and I’m going to meet someone who’s into it and see if he and I click. If so, maybe I’ll get to do some pup play occasionally. That might be fun! Tonight I need to write because Saturday is going to be busy getting the heater installed, and I want to at least hit 30K words on the story (I’m at 15K so far) by the end of the weekend (if I could hit 40K, that’d be even better!).

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