A Quick Note

Just wanted to say that the writing commission actually went through, and I completed it in just a few hours, from start to finish. It’s not huge income, but hey, it was fun to do! If I can make it a regular thing (maybe 5 commissions a week), I might actually be able to get some stuff paid off more quickly. That’d sure be nice!

Filing taxes is gonna be hell this year, what with commission income, freelance work, Amazon royalties, my regular job…at least my company didn’t make any money this year!

Yes, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I co-own a company that I started with my former roommate a few years ago. We made flashing LED pins and sold them at a furry convention a couple of years, and then we promptly went dormant. We need to figure out the “next big thing” for me to design and us to build, but it’s all pricey. The great thing about writing is, it’s just time. I already have a computer, so there’s no upfront cost. With design, there’s a ton of upfront cost, and we want to make sure we find something good before we sink a bunch of money into it. In the meantime, we keep filing our $0 tax returns…

But yeah, first commission! Whoo hoo! I’ve got it posted on my FurAffinity site here.

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