Well, despite having put in 10-1/2 hours today, I’m in high spirits. I had someone ask me about where I published my stories on one of my profiles today, and another person inquired about a writing commission. Plus, someone has already bought a copy of Scatterbrained Ramblings, and another copy of Human-Centaur Relations sold today, so yay! It’s been a good day for writing. Now, of course, the commission isn’t final until money changes hands, and the person who asked me about my stories might never read them, but hey, I’ll take it!

Got my reference letters sent in for a company to help me find a new job. It’d sure be nice to do something I enjoy as a career again. Then again, that might cut into my ability to write… Ah, well: if the urge to write gets strong enough, I’ll make time to write!

For now, I ought to sign off. Didn’t get home until after 23:00 and then had to tend everybody, so it’s been a busy day. My legs are killing me from jumping rope yesterday (yay, exercise!) and the chili was awesome (even as left-overs). Also: look at how full that pot is! That is why I don’t cook at home much! (46 months and counting…)


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