An Intriguing Thought…

It occurred to me just now that having as many short stories on here as I do, perhaps I should consider collecting them, cleaning them up, and making a short anthology of them to publish on Amazon. I could call it Scatterbrained Ramblings: Assorted Erotic Short Stories by Jack Doe. Seems like that could work, and with the wide variety of stuff I’ve got out here, there’s got to be something in it for everyone, right? I’m gonna chew on this a bit longer.

If I do end up publishing it, I’ll have to pull the stories off of here… Hate to make y’all pay for stuff you’ve been getting for free, since y’all have been with me since the beginning. Hmm…maybe I’ll give you guys advanced notice so that you can pick up the e-book for free (I can make them free for 5 days out of 90) before I start charging for it. I’m not gonna do it on the first day, though: I learned that lesson very harshly with Shane and Colton. I made it free the first five days, and everybody got a copy who wanted one…and then nobody needed one once the price went up. So, maybe after a week or so.

I’m not sold on the idea, yet, but it’s definitely percolating in there. If you’re enjoying the stories, it might be worthwhile to get your fill in now, just in case I do decide to pull them down…

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