Slave Chronicles: Chapter 7

“You’ve done a good job of sucking the first one out, slave, but I’ve got another one left in me this morning, and it’s your job to receive it,” Master said. “I have a new instruction for you, boy. When I tell you to assume the position, I want you to put your palms on the floor, raise your butt in the air, and spread your legs to put yourself at a height suitable for me to fuck you. Let’s try it. Assume the position.” He pointed at the ground.

Grateful there was nobody around to see me, I did as told, although I had to guess on the height. Once in position, I glanced over my shoulder.

Wally was back and looking hungrily at my ass. I started to rise.

“Stay put, slave,” M said firmly. “You can get up when I tell you to get up. Sometimes I may get busy after I tell you to assume the position. You’re to wait patiently until I come and use you.”

I slowly lowered myself back to the ground, face burning, knowing that Wally was looking at my ass like a piece of meat.

M and Wally talked, and I could hear M scribbling some things on paper. This went on for what seemed like a very long time. Meanwhile, the blood was rushing to my head, and I was getting sore.

I suddenly felt a warm hand on my buttock, and then another hand on the other buttock. I swallowed hard and glanced over my shoulder. Master was there, his pants still on. I frowned, wondering how he was going to fuck me while dressed.

A splatter of Master’s spit hit the center of my asshole, making me gasp and tense.

“I’m going to go easy on you the first day, slave,” Master said, “but I’ll expect you to start making your own lube within the first week. As your master, it is not my job to make you comfortable.”

I cringed. “M–Master?” I asked.

“What is it, slave?”

“Master, I haven’t cleaned out,” I said weakly.

Master stopped.

“Hmm. I’m glad you told me, boy,” he said. “Stand up.”

I did as told and felt a little light-headed as the blood flowed out of my head.

“Go down that hall,” he said, pointing, “and go through the third door on the right. Use the nozzle that is there; it is brand new. I want you to clean out until everything comes out clear.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, starting to leave.

“But first,” Master said, giving me a significant look, “there’s the matter of my other load. I’m not going to wait on you to clean out. Take care of my load, slave, and then go get cleaned out. From now on, I expect you to clean out every morning and be ready to service me and my guests however I tell you. Do you understand?”

And his guests? “Yes, Sir,” I said nervously.

“Good. Get to it, slave,” he said.

His cock was out—I guess he expected to fuck me through his fly—and I dutifully got on my knees, put it in my mouth, and began nursing it, slowly bobbing my head and stroking its length with my tongue and lips. I brought my hands up to gently caress his balls and groin. As soon as I touched him, Master let out an audible sigh. I glanced up and saw him with his eyes closed, head tilted back, knees slightly bent. Encouraged, I took his cock all the way into my mouth and made swallowing motions around the tip.

Master jolted and grunted, and his cock filled my mouth. He pulled out abruptly and went back to his desk, tucking his cock back into his pants.

“Good, slave,” he said, already looking at another stack of papers, “go get cleaned out.”

And then he dismissed me with a wave of his hand.

“Oh, um…yes, Sir,” I said quietly, trying to ignore how hard my own cock was throbbing and how much it drooled precum.

I made my way to the room as instructed and stopped in surprise: Master had his own colonic machine. Or, I suppose, I had my own colonic machine, since I figured Master would never have reason to clean out.

I had never used a colonic before, but I had researched them out of curiosity, and I knew it was possible to use one by yourself. I fiddled with the knobs and switches until I got the water going at a reasonable rate and comfortable temperature.

Okay, that was easy enough…

I closed the door, climbed up on the table, inserted the tip, and felt the flow of warm water slowly filling me.

This sure beats using a hose attached to the shower, I thought. First impressions: awesome! I relaxed and closed my eyes, lying back on the table and gently rubbing my belly.

The urge to purge came, and I obeyed, feeling the relief and strange emptiness as the first expulsion occurred, and then I let the water fill me up again, fuller this time.

I could feel the water beginning to make its way across my transverse colon when the second urge occurred.

After releasing and filling again, the water made it all the way to my ascending colon, and on the fourth attempt, the water came out clear.

I turned off the water and sighed. Wow, I’ve never felt this cleaned-out before. I got to my feet and felt a little wobbly; cleaning out kinda takes it out of me. After drying off, I opened the door and poked my head out.

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