Changes to Slave Chronicles and This Weekend’s Activities

So I’m feeling accomplished. I didn’t like the “distant past” style of telling the Slave Chronicles, so I went back and made them more “this happened today or over the last few days”-tense. Doing so has also split them up into six shorter chapters instead of two, which should make it much less daunting to do future chapters. I’ve never been very good at the whole “less is more” thing, so maybe this will help with that.

In other news, the furnace is acting screwy again, but I think I’ve finally figured out what’s wrong with it: I think the motor bearings need lubrication. I’ve ordered the lubricant and have switched over to electric heat to give the furnace a break (hopefully it won’t wear itself completely out by the time I get the lubricant!), and with any luck, the lubricant will do like the forums say and wick itself up into the motor when I spray it. I’d sure like to avoid another $600 house call from the RV repair guys…

In the process of writing the On BDSM article, I realized just how much I missed pony play. Having looked for pony play practitioners (yay, alliteration!) near me before, I haven’t been able to find any, and so I’ve been curious about puppy play instead. Granted, I identify far more as a horse, but I think puppy play could be fun, too, and maybe a little more carefree (seems like pony play is about work, whereas puppy play is about…well…play). And I’ve decided to really dig into trying to pursue it. I’ve gotten back on the BDSM apps and sites, I’ve begun perusing (and posting to) CL, and in the process, I’ve begun chatting with some interesting folks. It’s been interesting seeing the different perspectives on things. Although nobody I’m actively talking to is terribly interested in puppy play, it’s made for some very interesting conversations this weekend, interesting enough to bring me back home instead of sticking around at the bar for karaoke.

Okay, who am I kidding: karaoke started out terrible yesterday. The guy who normally does big-band type songs was doing some kind of crooner song, and he was flat. Geez, it hurt my ears because he was so out of tune. He hadn’t been at the bar long; I have to believe that he just hasn’t had enough alcohol, yet. He’s normally had quite a few by the time he sings, and he’s usually pretty good. In any case, I was glad to be out and gladder for continued interesting conversation. It may not be getting me any nearer to finding a handler to let me get into pup space, but it’s been a pleasant weekend anyway.

Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it, the aching loneliness of last week has passed. I’m doing well once more. Feeling a little lazy since I didn’t fill up the dumpster, but I figure that since I had all the stuff I had to do with turning the water on and off and running the generator this weekend, I get a pass. (Any excuse’ll do!)

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