Slave Chronicles: Chapter 5

This weekend has been…interesting. I’m sitting here, waiting on the truck Master sent to pick me and my possessions up. I quit on Friday morning, and by noon, I found myself standing outside my office with a box of my stuff.

Then I told the leasing office I was vacating, and they handed me the notice to vacate, which I filled out and handed back. The rest of Friday was spent canceling utilities and filling out changes of address. Master fortunately gave me the new address so that my mail could be forwarded. Thank goodness I have no debts; I’ve been good at paying everything off, so there weren’t many things to forward.

I packed Saturday morning. I don’t have a lot of stuff, so I spent as long actually buying  boxes as I did packing them. After that, all that was left was furniture. I moved everything into the living room so it’d be easy for the movers to take, and then there was nothing to do but worry about tomorrow…er…today.

I’m really nervous about the rules. I just—I can’t explain how nervous I am that I’m not going to live up to his expectations. Yeah, he says he has ways to keep me in shape, but I know how hard-headed I can be. What’s he going to do, whip me into submission? He’s never hurt a sub before… I’ve considered calling or texting him so many times since Saturday afternoon, but I don’t want to bother him. I know how busy he is, and if I’m going to be a slave, I need to get used to things not going my way.

With nothing to do but worry Saturday and yesterday, I tried just napping so I could sleep it off, but it’s been really hard to get to sleep, and with almost constant vivid dreams about him waking me up, I’m just exhausted. Now it’s Monday, and—

Oh, there’s the truck. Gotta go!

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