I Want To…

No time for poetry this morning, so prose it is. This has been on my mind off and on the last few days but particularly since I woke up.

I want to kiss your lips and feel your hands on my arms.
I want to unbutton your shirt and see what lies beneath.
I want to kiss my way down your neck, your chest, your abs.
I want to pull down your pants and everything else.
I want to nuzzle your cock, take it in my mouth—mmm, tasty wood!
I want to lick and suck and make it feel good.
I want to get you off and lie together in the afterglow, dozing off—how long? I dunno.
I want to wake up with you beside me, wrap my arm around you, pull you close.
I want to skip getting out of bed and just lie here with you.
I want to kiss your lips and feel your hands on my arms…

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