On Helping When You Can

I had an interesting experience last night. Two, actually. For one thing, I noticed that the knife they’re using at the bar to cut up limes is the worst kind of dull. I think you might have had equally bad luck with a butter knife, yet the bartender dutifully cut up something like 20 limes in preparation for last night’s karaoke. I had mentioned to her the other day that I needed to remember to pick up my sharpening steels when I went back to my roommate’s and asked if she wanted me to sharpen it for her. She agreed, and so I sharpened it last night. Not gonna lie, it was a little strange even from my perspective to be sitting at the bar, drinking a beer and sharpening a knife. But what can I say, I like sharpening knives more than I like using them, and as I said tin he guy next to me, if you have the power to make something better, do it.

Now, the guy I was talking to used to work at the bar as a bartender (and was my favorite before he quit unexpectedly). I found out he’s coming back, which suits me just fine. He makes some really good drinks and is generally a really nice guy. Between you and me, he’s mighty easy on the eyes, too.

Anyway, before I get carried away on a tangent, I’d better move on. There was another guy at the bar, also a nice guy, and apparently he didn’t hold his alcohol very well. Big guy, so kinda surprising; he didn’t have that many drinks that I saw. In any case, he got so drunk he was lying on the bar. That obviously wouldn’t do, so the guy I’d been talking to had to take him home. I didn’t think much of it, but then he waved me over and said he needed help. Turns out he needed me to drive the guy home and then ride back with the other guy. This I did. Got him home safely, but he was saying he was gonna go visit his girlfriend. I tried to talk him out of it before I left, but I’m not sure if I was successful or not. I hope so. He was a nice guy, and I hope he didn’t do something really stupid.

I got back to the bar, and the guy I’d been talking to was really appreciative. It feels really good to be the hero, even if it’s something as simple as sharpening a knife or driving somebody home. I didn’t even get a thank-you for the knife, but I know what I did, and that’s what matters. I am curious to know how the knife does; I’ll have to ask next time I go. I hope it’s like sliding through butter; it was sharp enough to shave my arm…

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