I think they define “addiction” as something that you’re so obsessed with that it begins to negatively impact your life in one or more ways.  I gotta admit, writing this blog is definitely causing me to sleep less.  I could go to bed right now, but then when would I write?  Said the addict.  Oh, well.  It’ll get better.

The animals were sweet tonight.  I went out to love on them, and of course, Ebony came up first to be loved on.  Unlike this morning, where she was pretty much like a cat, “scratch me—oh, wait—don’t”, she really got into it and reached around to scratch me back.  I love it when she does that; they say it’s good to have physical contact with people, that it fulfills a basic human need.  Granted, when I looked for the study that proved it, I found numerous articles talking about the so-called study, but I couldn’t find a primary source.  Whether founded in fact or not, though, it seems reasonable.  And that’s not my point anyway; my point is that aside from the occasional hug from my former roommate when we meet for brunch or dinner once or twice a month, I don’t get much physical contact, so when the animals reciprocate, it’s kinda nice.  On a related note, it sucks that society is so homophobic—or whatever the root cause is that causes it—that we eschew hugging in general.  It’s one thing for (some) friends and (some) family, but it’s looked on strangely among coworkers.  Strange.

Moving on, as of last night, I had 11,000 words in the Shane and Colton short story.  I finally know how it’s going to end (or at least I think I do), so now it’s just getting from here to there.  This is turning into a surprisingly long short story, I must say!  Oh, well.

Speaking of, it’s not going to write itself, so I’d better get busy…

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