Becoming One, Introduction and Chapter 2

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I recently submitted a short story called “Becoming One” to the folks at Circlet Press.  They publish a wide variety of erotic fiction, and a friend of mine has had several of his stories published.  Since the short story is pending their review, I don’t want to post it elsewhere online; however, the thought occurred to me that they do accept excerpts, and I do retain the rights to the story if they include it in their anthology.  The thought occurred to me that I could use this blog as an opportunity to flesh out additional chapters, and then I can put them all together and make a full-length novel out of it, much like my coworker’s author-friend did.

Summary of Chapter 1

Now, I don’t want to give too much away about the first chapter, but in short, Windrunner set out to find his companion, a rite of passage for shamans in his tribe, and upon finding his companion, a buck named Spirit of the Woods (Spirit for short), the two became one.  They have returned and just greeted Windrunner’s mentor, Sky Feather, and his companion, Nightsong, a she-wolf.

ATWILY; TWBS—you’ll have to get hold of the first chapter when it comes out  (see, I did remember!)

Chapter 2

The four walked the rest of the way across the plains and came to the edge of town.  Nightsong let out a howl to get the village’s attention, and she and Sky-Feather preceded Windrunner and Spirit among the tents.

“Whoa, look at that buck!” a young brave cried, pointing up at Spirit, who towered over him as he walked by.  “Mama,” he said excitedly, “we could eat for months!”

His mother blanched as Windrunner stopped and stood with his mouth agape.  Turning to her son, she shook her head firmly and said, “you’ll do no such thing!  That is Windrunner’s companion, and you must be very nice to him.”

“Companion, Mama?” the boy asked.

“Like Nightsong,” his mother replied, gesturing to the wolf.  “He is Windrunner’s best friend.”

“Oh!” the brave said, shrugged, and then scampered off.

“I am so sorry, Windrunner,” she apologized.  “Welcome home, and welcome, er…” she trailed off, looking at the magnificent buck.

“Spirit,” Windrunner replied, smiling and looking visibly relieved.

“Welcome, Spirit,” the woman said, smiling and bowing her head slightly.

“Thank you,” Windrunner replied, smiling and nodding himself.

As they continued forward into the village, Spirit asked, “What was that about?”

“What do you mean?” Windrunner asked.

“You got very tense right before you started talking to that woman,” Spirit replied, “but then you relaxed.  Is everything okay?”

Windrunner looked at him quizzically.  “You didn’t hear what her son said?” he asked.

“All I heard was a bunch of high-pitched whining noises from the boy and lower-pitched noises from the woman,” Spirit replied.  “I could not understand either the boy or his mother.  They speak in a foreign tongue.  You speak in a foreign tongue when you talk to them.”

Windrunner frowned.  “Huh,” he mused as they continued walking.  “Is it one you can learn?” he asked.

“No,” Nightsong piped up.  “I’ve been among your tribe for many years now, and I still cannot understand anybody but Sky Feather and you.”

“We have our own private clique,” Sky Feather rumbled amusedly.

To the tribesmen they passed, it just looked like the two humans were faintly moving their lips; the animals showed no lip movement at all.

Presently they came to the center of the village and Sky Feather stopped.

“My people,” he said in his deep voice, “Windrunner has returned, and he has brought his companion.  This is Spirit of the Woods,” he continued, turning to gesture to the stag.  “He is Windrunner’s companion and will be joining us in the village.  I trust that you will all welcome him as you welcomed my own companion, Nightsong.”

“Take a bow,” Windrunner whispered to his companion, and Spirit lowered his magnificent antler-bedecked head.  The tribe gave a collective gasp in admiration.

With that, the ceremony was over, and the tribe returned to its typical daily routine.

“That was really fast,” a voice said to Windrunner’s left.

Windrunner started slightly in surprise, eliciting a similar reaction in Spirit.

“Hello, Fallen Eagle,” Windrunner said pleasantly.  “Yes, it turns out my companion was as impatient as I was,” he replied with a chuckle.

“I don’t think even Sky Feather returned that quickly,” the aged man said thoughtfully.  Windrunner saw Sky Feather and Nightsong exchange conspiratorial grins as Fallen Eagle continued.  “It’s good to have you back, even if you were only gone a day.  Let’s get you some help constructing your tent.”

He gave a look to someone across the village, and two braves appeared suddenly, both just a little older than Windrunner.

“Hey, welcome back, Runs-from-the-Wind!” one teased.

“Be nice, River!  He’s become one now!” the other chided.

“Aww, Creek, he may have become one, but he’ll always be our little Runs-from-the-Wind,” River chuckled, ruffling Windrunner’s hair.

Windrunner chuckled.  “Good to see you guys, too,” he said ruefully, thinking back to the time they’d set off a nest of hornets next to him—his resulting attempt to avoid getting stung had landed him with the nickname.

“Looks like you need a tent, though!” Creek said, rolling his eyes at his twin brother’s antics.  He eyed Spirit.  “And by the looks of things, you’re gonna need a big one!”

“Hey, Windrunner,” River said, not to be bested by his brother, “so you guys became one?  Did you…you know…?”

Windrunner blushed hard and Spirit felt it empathically.  “Oh, my!” the buck said.  “There can be only one question he asked to make us feel like that!

“Yeah,” Windrunner muttered.

Spirit grinned wickedly.  “Now just say what I say and don’t think about it.  We’ll have a little fun, Companion.”

Windrunner chuckled and eyed his companion, wondering what the buck had in mind.  “All right,” he said warily.

“Yes, we did,” Spirit said and Windrunner repeated.  “And Spirit here wants to take you next.  He’ll let you ride his antlers first to get warmed up.”  As Windrunner finished saying it, his jaw dropped and he looked aghast at his companion.

Creek burst out laughing as River opened his mouth to reply and then shut it.

“Look!  You’ve made him speechless!” Creek gasped.   River could only open his mouth and grin wordlessly.

“You can thank Spirit for that one,” Windrunner laughed.

“That’s it!  You sleep outside!” River laughed, finally finding his voice.  “You can put up your own tent!”

“Oh, he does,” Windrunner murmured wryly.  Creek shook his head, and River rolled his eyes.

It didn’t take long for the three to get the tent set up, despite its size.  Windrunner thanked the twins, and they left the companions to…do what companions did.

Windrunner held the flap open for Spirit, and the stag stepped inside.  It felt enormous—bigger even than the chief’s—and Windrunner felt a bit bad about it.

“What an awkward feeling!” Spirit said, shriveling his nose in distaste as Windrunner threw down some skins for bedding.  “What do you call this feeling we’re feeling right now?”

“Um, I dunno…self-consciousness, maybe?” Windrunner said, sitting down on the skins and patting a spot next to them for Spirit to join him.

“I don’t like it!  Why are we feeling it?” Spirit pressed as he lay down beside his companion.

“Because our tent is bigger than everybody else’s,” Windrunner replied.  “It’s…ostentatious.”

“It’s practical,” Spirit replied.  “I cannot get my head into any of the other tents, much less the rest of me.”

“I know, but—” Windrunner began.

“But nothing!  You need to have more self-confidence,” Spirit said candidly.  “You’re a good person; you’re my companion, and you deserve a nice tent to share with your companion.”  His voice turned sultry.  “The only ‘but’ I care about is yours,” he hinted, his prick poking out from his sheath.

“We just got into our—ohh!” Windrunner began to protest, but he was cut short by the feeling of lust that ran over him like a buffalo.  He gasped and felt his cock stand at attention beneath his clothes.  “We need a stump,” he said, his voice low and husky.

But there was no time for that; they were horny now!  “It’s not the same as breeding,” Windrunner said, “but let’s try something.”   He flung off his clothes and lay on his side next to his companion, positioning his mouth next to the buck’s musky prick and his own cock near his companion’s mouth.

Spirit understood immediately, and the two hastily grabbed each other’s cocks with their lips and began sucking, licking, and stroking.  Each could feel both his companion’s ministrations and his own, and both climaxed almost immediately.  Human cum splashed into stag muzzle, and stag jism flooded human mouth.  Both swallowed greedily and licked their lips.

The fog-inducing lust had been slaked, yet both still felt its tug.  At least this time it was manageable.

“Spirit,” Windrunner said hazily, “when we were in the forest, you said you wanted me to explore you.  Is that still true?”

The buck nodded.  “Yes, and I still want to explore you!”

“Do you want to—”

“Oh, yes!”

Windrunner reached forward to stroke his companion’s belly, letting his fingers trail through the soft fur towards Spirit’s sheath.  The stag’s cock poked out just a little bit, but Windrunner continued past it, feeling the crease where the soft sheath joined his companion’s underside.  His fingers trailed along the crease until they came to Spirit’s soft, round balls.  With curious wonder, Windrunner cradled them in his hands.  They were large, each one taking up his entire hand, and heavy, and very warm.

“That feels nice,” Spirit murmured in contentment.

Windrunner stroked the furry orbs as Spirit’s cock pushed itself out of his sheath again.  Windrunner felt his own lust surge, and he instinctively reached out with his mouth to take the thin prick into his mouth once more.  His cock throbbed as his companion’s shaft pushed deeper into his mouth, leaving a trail of gamy flavor along his tongue as it slid inside.  Windrunner’s hot breath sent thrills through Spirit, thrills that Windrunner himself then felt.  Yet as horny as he was, he wanted to take his time this time, to build his companion up for something wonderful as he had done for himself so many times.  And so he did not bob his head, but he let his tongue ever-so-gently stroke the cervine cock as his hands began to slowly massage his companion’s soft testes, gently squeezing and releasing them.  He could feel Spirit’s lust rise with each squeeze and relax slightly with each release, slowly building more and more.

At last, Windrunner stroked the base of Spirit’s sheath, and with a gasp from both, Spirit let his seed flow down Windrunner’s throat.

“Oh, Windrunner…” Spirit sighed.  He trailed off, but Windrunner could tell how deeply satisfied the buck felt.  Even though he himself had not orgasmed, he felt heavy with relaxation, and as Spirit’s cock slowly pulled itself out of his mouth, he reached up to gently scratch his companion’s sheath.  He thought he could lie there forever.

Spirit had other plans.  With a nudge from his nose on Windrunner’s chest, Spirit shifted and Windrunner moved to let his companion sit up and then get to his feet.

“Just rest,” Spirit told him gently, and as he lay on the pallet, Windrunner could feel his companion’s eager curiosity as Spirit’s cool nose traced over his body, sending thrills of sensation through him.

As Spirit’s nose grazed over his neck, Windrunner sucked in his breath: a jolt of intense lust shot from his neck through his testes, and even Spirit reeled a bit from the sensation.

“Ohh,” the stag murmured, “that’s very nice.”  He moved his nose down Windrunner’s chest and then returned to his neck.  Windrunner bucked a little in pleasure.

Spirit gave a faint smile and then firmly put his hoof in the middle of Windrunner’s chest, holding him firmly down as he licked his companion’s neck.

“Ohh—OHH!” Windrunner cried; he would have sat upright if his companion weren’t holding him down.  His cock jumped to attention, drooling precum.

Spirit glanced at it and then moved his head and let his tongue lap slowly up from Windrunner’s perineum, trail between his balls, meet the trail of precum forming at the base of Windrunner’s prick, and follow it up along the underside of his shaft.

Windrunner clenched his fists and whimpered in lust.  Spirit gasped at the sudden influx of desire from his companion; his own lust had always trumped Windrunner’s, but now the young man’s exceeded his own.  Unable to hold back against the unexpected need, Spirit plunged his mouth down over his companion’s cock, swirling is tongue around it desperately.  Windrunner writhed beneath him, his breath catching a moment before he screamed in ecstasy and filled his companion’s muzzle.  Spirit hastily lay down next to his companion, lest his legs gave out and he fell on him instead.  Windrunner cuddled up next to him, and the two fell into a blissful sleep.

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