So it’s been a day—well, less than a day, really—since I started the blog, and I’ve already posted something like 11 entries and have a list of at least 12 or so more to do.  So, if nothing else, I’ve figured out a way to keep myself busy…when I’m not already busy…which is most of the time.  “Idle hands get in trouble,” they say, or something to that effect, so this should be doing a great job of keeping me out of trouble, at least.

I mentioned the blog to some coworkers today.  Bear in mind, engineering can be a bit of a stuffy field; I’ve got a number of hyper-conservative coworkers, and so a blog that promotes erotica—especially any kind of erotica between any characters who don’t fit the “one (human) man and one (human) woman” kind—would probably not go over well among most of them.  But there are a few who are sympathetic, and I got some good feedback from them.  One of them follows an author she likes, and apparently the author publishes stories on his blog and then eventually turns them into books.  Sounds awesome!  If I could do that, it’d be really good practice to keep my writing chops in shape, and while I don’t really want to write another full-length novel in the Human-Centaur Relations or Shane and Colton universes just yet (or the “Becoming One” universe, but you don’t know about that, yet), I have to admit that I always feel sad when a story comes to an end.  It’s why I don’t read more often…I get seriously attached to the characters, and when the story ends, I feel like part of my heart is being ripped out, and that feeling sucks!  The nice thing about being an author is that if I start missing my characters or their world too much, I can always write another book.  I usually leave myself enough subtle hooks in my stories that I can latch onto as the basis for new stories, but again, for those who don’t write novels, it’s work.  On a good weekend, I can churn out about 16,000 words, which is around 1/4 of a novel for me, but after the draft is all the revising, checking for consistency, making sure I’ve used the right number of spaces between sentences, and all that.  Oh, yeah: I’m incredibly anal-retentive about that kind of thing.  I blame my English teachers in school.  It’s funny; I hated English in school, and admittedly to this day, I cannot understand why someone would get a degree in it (I’ll save that for its own rant), but writing has become fun, and the grammar and syntax—albeit boring—appeals to my analytical side.

Where was I?  Oh, right: stories.  I’m not fully committed to the idea, yet, but I’m seriously considering following suit with my coworker’s author friend.  It seems like a good exercise, if nothing else, and who knows, it might inspire me enough to write another full-length novel.

On a related note, I am coining a term for what you call it when an author writes short stories about his/her own work: canonficking.  It’s like fanficking, but unlike what fans write, the work becomes canon.  So…canonficking.  Admittedly, I’m not sure if you can use “fanficking” as the gerund for “fanfic”, but if not, I’m coining that, too.

Let’s see.  Oh!  I finally succeeded in doing something I’ve been wanting to do for about 11 months now.  I was in a threesome with my horse and one of my donkeys.  No, not that kind of threesome.  I mean that I was scratching my horse with one hand while she scratched my back and scratching one of the donkeys with my other hand while he also scratched my back.  Twin back massages from two of my favorite people.  Ahh…was great!

Side note: I am typically obsessed with smileys.  So much is lost through lack of body language or even intonation that I often worry that what I’m saying will be misinterpreted without some kind of indicator of my mood.  But I’m fighting that urge.  Maybe it’s like biting my nails: if I don’t do it long enough, maybe I’ll finally quit doing it…we’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve loved on the animals before (at least twice a day), and I’ve even petted two of them at once (frequently), but this is the first time two of them have reciprocated at once, and it was everything I hoped it would be!  I’ve even had times when all three of them were around me at once, and while I petted two of them, one of them scratched the third one.  Scratching-orgy, anyone?

What else…Oh, yeah, I mentioned the blog to more than one coworker today, and she was particularly interested in me writing about being a furry.  So that’s next.  As soon as I get done with this entry.

I can’t remember which grade it was or which teacher, but I remember one of them saying something to the effect of, “You shouldn’t write ‘and I am done now’ in a paper as a conclusion.”  Seems reasonable.  But this isn’t a paper, so…

“And I am done now.”

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