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These were stories I started and either didn’t finish or realized they were going to be more hassle than they were worth to edit and bring up to my standards. I might reclaim them later, but for now, they’re here in case they can bring enjoyment in their sub-par state.


This story was meant to be a Jack’s Blacks entry, but once I finished writing it, I realized that although the concept is kinda hot, the execution was not up to par, and I don’t really feel like doing the rework it would take to make it passable. I’m posting it in case it’s of interest to anybody, with the understanding that it’s far from polished and has quite a few inconsistencies and passages that probably aren’t all that interesting.
Tags: male, human, forced pregnancy, prostate milking, emasculation, enema, mpreg, rape, birth
Synopsis: A guy travels to a remote tribal village to close a deal on behalf of his employer. Little does he know, the chieftain intends to make his stay there a long-term contract.