Your neighbors walk in. You aren't wearing any clothes. Look, it's laundry day! Garment-wearing sucks. Putting on and washing clothes. Can't we just skip them? We are born naked. How pretentious we must be To cover ourselves!


Hello, readers. It's been a while, it seems. I've been busy with another commission, and I just finished it yesterday. Today was spent working—last-minute customer issues necessitated doing a few hours. I have to say, it's weird knowing that people I know read my blog. I find myself filtering things, as I mentioned in A Fantasy. I'm … Continue reading 2018-02-18

A Fantasy

It's been a while since I've written a story on here, and it seems like it's about time I did that. I started to write a really depressing set of haikus last night, but I've decided to channel it into something a little more uplifting instead. Let me preface this by saying that I have … Continue reading A Fantasy